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    Borders College
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Borders College Student Union underwent a full makeover by Esh Border Construction to provide a modern and fresh café area for students and staff.

The former bar area of the Borders College underwent a full makeover during the summer holidays to provide a modern and fresh café area for students and staff.

The Students Union had two distinct parts, the refectory dining area which was formed during the 2009 refurbishments and the original union area which consisted of a bar and dance floor which was omitted for the 2009 refurbishment. The project required the refurbishment of the original union area to create a social space where students can relax, get refreshments and study. This space was also to provide an alternative to the more formal refectory dining area.

The area hadn’t been up dated since its opening 7 years ago and the college felt it was time to update the area due to the high turnover of customers. The aim of the College was to provide high quality furnishings and finishes which would prolong the life of the areas.

The structural works began early on in the programme and involved the removal of the existing balcony and the blocking up of the existing access door and the creation of a new external access to form the new layout. The existing bar was removed to allow for the extension of the existing kitchen and the installation of a new commercial kitchen. The existing suspended ceiling was removed and replaced with a new suspended ceiling and new lighting.

In addition to the new lighting the Mechanical and Electrical installations included new consumer unit, power sockets, alterations to the existing ventilation system and the re-organisation of fire detection and security alarm.

Decoration was fresh and light in nature to match the modern and high quality fixed and moveable furniture. New partitions were installed to create areas of individual space and privacy. The flooring was different to that in the refectory to create a distinct divide between the different areas. Hard wearing flooring was chosen due to the high levels of footfall expected in the area.

From start to finish the project went very well. We were impressed by your teams levels of expertise and communication at all times throughout the project. Overall we are very happy with the final result.

- Robert Hewitt, Facilities Manager, Borders College

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