Several Phases Of Investigation & Clean-Up Undertaken With Specialist Software & Tools

When it comes to contaminated land assessment undertaken by Remedios, there are several phases of investigation and clean-up that may need to be undertaken on your site.

These phases are: Phase I (Desk-Top), Phase II (Intrusive), Phase III (Remediation) and Phase IV (Validation). If implemented correctly, each phase feeds into the next, enabling resources to be targeted most effectively and efficiently. Further phases of investigation will cease to be necessary once it has been demonstrated that there are no significant risks to receptors (such as human health or the water environment) from contaminants on the site.

Usually a remedial scheme or strategy will be required prior to Phases III and IV. This document details the actual remedial process and the environmental targets, and requires consultation with the relevant regulator(s).

Esh Group offers the following contaminated land assessment services through their company Remedios:

  • Full technical expertise to identify the scale and range of contamination relevant to the client’s (landowner/ developer) strategy for the land. Remedios can use specialist software/ tools to conduct contaminated land risk assessments.
  • Co-ordination of geotechnical investigations with contaminated land investigations in order to minimise costs to the client.
  • Development of remediation strategies to support the client’s requirements (e.g. maximise sale value/ enable development).
  • Delivery of the remediation strategy.
  • Linking of remediation with any geotechnical improvements to the structural capacity of subsoils, and delivering them concurrently.

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