Esh Group has a number of companies working on housing projects, including Esh Property Services and Esh Border Construction. Together they provide homes for all, from new build to state-of-the-art sustainable properties and refurbished existing housing for local authorities and housing associations.

We also provide a reactive and responsive repairs service, working closely with clients to ensure their property is maintained and up to the mark at all times.


Esh Group is a leading housebuilder, using the latest technology to create superbly-built homes which offer the best in energy efficiency, security and quality at an affordable price.

We also build thermally-efficient, energy-saving homes that embed environmental responsibility into the buyers’ lifestyle by combining the best of Swedish design and luxury finishing with cutting-edge building techniques. All of our homes are designed to achieve an Energy Performance Rating of category A – compared to the standard UK E rating.

  • Extra Care

    Esh Group is experienced in delivering extra care projects for communities. In a supported living market, people are looking for new, modern and highly efficient homes which boast healthy and inspirational environments so that they can live independent and fulfilled lives. The teams working on our extra care projects aim to achieve this by not only planning and building such developments but then regularly update them so that they continue to fit the requirements of the user. Whether you are looking into new build, refurbishment or the remodeling of existing buildings, discover how we can help you.

  • New Build

    Esh Group is uniquely placed to tackle any sort of new build project, with a main goal to meet the needs of tomorrow today in terms of both design and sustainability.

    One way we aim to achieve this is by making use of the full range of modern construction methods — timber frame designs and the creation of zero energy homes, for example. Another strategy we look into is to construct new social housing, which is then intended for rental by housing associations.

    Let us get your new build projects off the ground today.

  • Planned Maintenance

    We know planned maintenance is the best way to protect the value and condition of your property portfolio, including void properties, within a short timescale. Many installations, fixtures and fitting will have a specific life-cycle, but with our asset management plans you can rest assured they will be in good hands for years to come. Learn how we can undertake planned maintenance procedures around your housing development today.

  • Responsive Repairs

    Gain peace of mind with our 24/7, 365 days a year responsive repairs and maintenance service, where our highly-skilled mobile technicians are always on hand to help.

    Our Service Desk provides a single point of contact to landlords and housing associations across the North East, North West,Yorkshire and Central and Southern Scotland – helping them to maintain sustainable communities where people want to live.

  • Voids

    Esh Group has plenty of experience providing fast and high-quality refurbishment of void properties, to assist local authorities and housing associations in managing their housing stock. Our service is extremely varied too, with everything from fitting new kitchens to a simple spring clean or redecorating task covered. Whether you need to tidy up a property in time for a new tenant or completely re-fit a home to bring it up to acceptable modern standards, we can assist.