Joe’s Speakeasy receives Esh Communities Funding

Esh Living and Thirteen Group support local community project as part of the £3.7m regeneration.

Joe’s Speakeasy is a community group which engages people throughout the local area by encouraging them come together and share their extraordinary stories about Teesside’s shipbuilding and industrial heritage along with people’s experiences over the years.

On the first 3 Fridays of each month, Joe’s Speakeasy takes place at The Storytellers, Stockton on Tees whilst on the last Friday of each month, the group meets at Darlington Hippodrome. The main aim of the group is to promote social inclusion and remind people that their voice matters, primarily targeting older residents who are often the most socially isolated the group also welcomes anyone looking for friendship and social interaction.

Joe’s Speakeasy is reliant on word of mouth and social media to promote the group and with primary users of the group often being from an older generation, details of the group do not always reach those who would benefit from it most. In a bid to better connect with local residents and spread the word about the great work it does, Joe’s Speakeasy submitted a funding application to Esh Group.

As part of the £3.7 million-pound project to construct 34 properties on Alma Street, Stockton, in collaboration with our client, Thirteen Group, Joe’s Speakeasy’s funding application was selected to receive £950.00 of funding via Esh Communities which will enable them to design, produce and distribute promotional materials throughout local communities. The funding will also be used to provide transport to other local events and trips for group members who would otherwise be unable to attend.

The support we are receiving from Esh Construction will provide Joe’s Speakeasy with the resources to reach so many more people. As a non-profit making initiative, much of our promotional work has to be through word of mouth or social media - and by definition doesn’t reach the people who would benefit most by coming along.

We will be using your funding to reach out to some of the most lonely and vulnerable older residents across our Borough. We are so very, very grateful.”

Mike McGrother, Founder of Joe’s Speakeasy