Esh Construction Begins Work on BoHoZone North Development

Esh Construction joined partners at the BoHoZone North site in Middlesbrough as work began on an innovative project which will deliver 40 apartments to the town’s Middlehaven area.

Working with Middlesbrough Council and housing developer Thirteen, Esh Construction will build the properties on land south of Gosford Street in the regeneration area.

The £5.2m development, is perfectly placed to take advantage of the BoHoZone, locally dubbed as ‘Middlesbrough’s thriving digital, creative, and business hub.’

Divisional director of Esh Living, Build and Facilities, Gary Dobson, said: “We are delighted to be working with Thirteen to deliver this fantastic scheme which is at the heart of Esh Construction’s operating area.

“The scheme is a great addition to the master plan of Boho Middlehaven and will offer a choice of affordable apartments, delivering much-needed quality housing in Middlesbrough.”

The BoHoZone already provides a setting for innovation, hosting a range of small, residential-based business start-ups through to multi-million-pound enterprises.

BoHoZone North will create affordable, contemporary apartments, which will help residents reduce, not only bills, but also their carbon footprint.

Chris Smith, Thirteen’s executive director of service delivery and development, added: “We’re thrilled that work has started on these fantastic new apartments, which will provide modern, flexible accommodation for people to work or study from home.

“It’s a great scheme and the feedback we’ve had already has been incredibly positive and we believe the development will add to the Boho Zone’s growing national reputation.”

We’re well on track to becoming the leading digital city in the UK. Alongside amazing places to work, we need great places for people to live as this exciting new phase in Middlesbrough’s history builds momentum.”

Andy Preston, Middlesbrough Mayor