Esh Build set the wheels in motion for The Real Junk Food Project

Working in partnership with the aim of ‘feeding bellies not bins’.

Adam Smith, founder and CEO of The Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP), created this mission in 2013 with a goal of saving good edible food from being wasted, and provide to the public on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.

Since December 2013, they have saved five thousand tonnes of food and fed 11.9 million people. The food they save comes from supermarkets, cafés, restaurants and hotels who dispose of their food because they simply don’t have the storage, or for as little as slight tearing of the packaging. The food is then brought to the warehouse in Wakefield where it is stored in fridges and freezers, and packaged up for schools, businesses, foodbanks and homeless groups.

Anything not edible is fed to a local pig farm to avoid landfill waste and also turned into renewable energy.

Esh Build has donated funds to TRJFP which they have used to purchase a refrigerated vehicle. This will be used to specifically deliver food to 19 local Wakefield primary schools.

The vehicle has been designed by our graphic design team at Esh, ensuring the design is kept in line with TRJFP branding and incorporating Esh’s, YOR4Good Fund’s and The Real Junk Food Projects logos.

This donation is in line with the YOR4Good Fund requirements and is in association with our recently completed extension and refurbishment of the existing Pupil Referral Unit ‘The Springfield Centre’ in Crofton, Wakefield for Wakefield Metropolitan Borough Council.

Partnership is a key aspect of what we do at The Real Junk Food Project and we were thrilled to have the support of Esh Build and YOR4Good Fund to purchase our new refrigerated van. This will help us intercept even more food that would have gone to waste, for example supporting the launch of our Kindness into Schools food deliveries."

Head of Communications, The Real Junk Food Project