Runswick Bay, North Yorkshire

Contract Value
North Yorkshire
Scarborough Borough Council
Form of Contract
NEC 3 Option A

The coastal defense works were carried out within Runswick Bay to reinforce the existing sea walls to protect the relatively unstable cliffs behind from rising sea levels and significant storm surges. The works offer increased protection to 113 nearby properties.

The primary concerns for Runswick Bay were the ongoing risks of degradation to the sea wall and the implication for the stability of the slopes behind.

A rock armour fillet, 2m high and 8m wide was constructed at the toe of the sea walls.  This option provided protection to the toe of the sea wall to limit outflanking, undermining and scour]

The main project elements included:

  • Placement of 10,000 tonnes of Norwegian granite rock armour (8 – 10 tonnes each), delivered to the beach via barge and placed using 50t excavators and dump trucks
  • Concrete patch repairs to sea walls
  • Construction of reinforced concrete stairs through the rock armour
  • Creation of artificial rock pools through drilling and cutting into the rick to encourage sea life back into the area

Areas which were more prone wave attacks had larger rocks, placed with a steeper profile to dissipate wave energy more efficiently.

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