Buying Local

We are aware of the economic impact of construction and the benefit local spend can bring to an area.

Introducing STEM careers

Esh Group has delivered its award-winning ‘Get into STEM’ programme to over 10,000 primary school students.

Enhancing Careers guidance

Through ‘Building My Skills’, we engage with schools in our operational areas to help enhance careers provision, improve employability skills and prepare students for life after education.

Providing experiences

Esh Group provides over 500 days of work experience each year, helping candidates to gain knowledge of the construction industry. All placements are advertised on our website. Visit our opportunities page to find out more.

Opening doors

Esh Group opens the doors to its sites and offices to over 600 visitors each year. Together with our site teams, we ensure visits are safe, interactive and insightful.

Developing Apprentices

Apprentices are an important the Esh Group culture - many of our senior management team began their careers as apprentices. We currently employ over 90 apprentices, equating to 10% of our workforce, and are proud members of the ‘5% club’.

Procuring local

Esh Group is committed to supporting local economies by supporting SMEs, buying local, employing local subcontractors and benchmarking payment performance.


Local procurement target for all major projects


LM3 local multiplier effect of Esh Group


Meet the buyer events organised or attended each year


SMEs proactively contracted each year


Current invoice payment performance (days)

We are proud of our strong local supply chain and value our working relationship with local sub-contractors - we proactively support SMEs in the areas we operate. As a signatory of the ‘Prompt Payment Code’, we publicly report our payment performance data and work with experts to support industry-wide improvement, we are noticed as one of the fastest payers in our industry.

Esh Construction has a strong, North-East based supply chain, many of which are small to medium enterprises (SMEs) of less than 250 employees. On every project, we endeavour to source 80% of our supply chain within 30 miles of the site and utilise labour residing within local boroughs.

On a recent £10m commercial build project in Middlesbrough for The Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland, we procured 93% within 25 miles of the project.

We have a dedicated added value team, who work with our procurement and construction teams to record and report this information during the contract.

Our regional supply chain managers work with the contracting authority’s appointed subcontractor coordinator to promote opportunities in their local area. We will also engage with our supply chain partners via meet the buyer events and supply chain open days, advertising opportunities both in the local media and digital mediums, including our website, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Meet the Buyer (MTB) events have been part of Esh Group’s procurement process for a number of years, with the format evolving each year to ensure shared benefit for both suppliers and commercial teams. MTB events are an essential part of improving our network with a quality-driven supply chain.

Events are structured to be as beneficial as possible, ensuring potential bidders are well informed and supported during the procurement process. Companies attending are given information about available opportunities, live demonstrations of how to complete tender documents and the chance to meet with our procurement and commercial teams.

Our divisional director, relevant contracts manager and site manager attend MTB events.

Esh Construction is a signatory of the Prompt Payment Code which sets standards for payment practices and best practice and is administered by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management on behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Our compliance with the principles of the Code is monitored and enforced by a National Compliance Board. The Code covers prompt payment, as well as wider payment procedures. Aligning with the Prompt Payment Code we endeavour to:

  • Pay suppliers on time
  • Treat our suppliers
  • Give clear guidance to suppliers
  • Encourage good practice within our supply chain

We work together with industry experts to eliminate unfair payment practices to small businesses and were recently invited to publish our payment figures as part of the government’s drive to improve payment performance of larger companies and to protect smaller companies who can suffer from late payments.

The .GOV website is publicly available and contains over 10,000 reports from businesses who volunteered their payment data – one of its key functions is to help suppliers make better informed decisions about who they work with.

Esh Construction is proud to be one of the top 10 fastest paying contractors in England.

Engaging Local

We are committed to supporting communities through volunteering and grant making.

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Educating Local

We are committed to inspiring our future workforce, changing perceptions and improving employability skills.

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Employing Local

We are committed to creating employment opportunities and providing workplace insights.

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