Esh Group has a number of companies working on housing projects, including Esh Property Services and Esh Border Construction. Together they provide homes for all, from new build to state-of-the-art sustainable properties and refurbished existing housing for local authorities and housing associations.

We also provide a reactive and responsive repairs service, working closely with clients to ensure their property is maintained and up to the mark at all times.


Esh Group is a leading housebuilder, using the latest technology to create superbly-built homes which offer the best in energy efficiency, security and quality at an affordable price.

We also build thermally-efficient, energy-saving homes that embed environmental responsibility into the buyers’ lifestyle by combining the best of Swedish design and luxury finishing with cutting-edge building techniques. All of our homes are designed to achieve an Energy Performance Rating of category A – compared to the standard UK E rating.

Head of Business Development & Maintenance

Laura Devaney

If you have any other questions about Housing in the North East please do not hesitate to contact.

E: Laura.Devaney@esh.uk.com

Head of Yorkshire Business Development and Estimating

Alistair Gill

If you have any other questions about Housing in Yorkshire please do not hesitate to contact.

E: Alistair.Gill@esh.uk.com

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