Great Teamwork & Careful Planning To Avoid Delays, Adding Value To Deliver Outstanding Retail & Leisure Facilities

In the retail and leisure sector, deadlines are tight – with opening dates looming, the adage ‘time is money’ never truer. Therefore, quality of construction and time are vital when it comes to erecting retail and leisure buildings.

Great teamwork and careful planning are key to avoid delays and resulting loss of revenue for the client – so working with a firm like Esh Group, which combines great credentials, expert staff and the support of a huge network, is essential.

Through Esh Build and Esh Border Construction, our understanding of the retail and leisure sector is absolute. This is thanks to a long experience of building and modifying all types of leisure and retail outlets including museums, restaurants, shops, sports facilities and hotels.

We have completed retail and leisure building projects for a wide range of public and private sector clients. For example, we have recently delivered three projects to tight construction programmes which were critical to launch dates for blue chip company Yum Group, which owns KFC and Pizza Hut.

Quality of construction and delivery on time are vital. Our experienced construction team deliver both for our clients.

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