With a strong reputation for quality, Esh Group is a multi-disciplined commercial build contractor responsible for many flagship buildings across the North East, Yorkshire, North West and Central and Southern Scotland. Our specialist construction teams deliver a wide range of projects through Esh Build and Esh Border Construction, from school extensions to multi-million-pound new build developments, and from the most straightforward to the most complex of projects.


Our construction experience in delivering traditional, design and build, framework and partnering projects is second to none. From inception to completion we work safely, within programme, to budget and to an exceptional quality standard whilst delivering social value within local communities.

  • Blue Light

    We understand our blue light clients require specialised build solutions that meet complex specifications and must adhere to strict legal frameworks.

  • Education

    A thorough understanding of the specific needs of the education sector makes us first choice for sector clients. We see educational buildings as a focal point for local communities and so strive to deliver a safe, stimulating and sustainable environment for everyone to enjoy at all times. This aim is helped by the fact that we consult widely with pupils, teachers and the community when shaping a project. Whether you require a single classroom to be constructed or a completely new school to be constructed, we can help.

  • Healthcare

    We have an extensive knowledge of healthcare-specific construction requirements. As a result, we work on the construction of fully operational healthcare environments while aiming to ensure the continuation of service, the guarantee of infection control and the assurance that all safety requirements are met. Whether you need assistance with a doctors’ surgery, a health centre, a care home or hospital treatment facilities, we can help.

  • Historical

    Our track record with listed buildings and historic architecture is unrivalled. In fact, we have delivered projects ranging from the creation of replica pre-WWI buildings to the refurbishment of Grade II listed buildings over the years. Let us breathe new life into any historical building and you can rest assured that we will not compromise any of the architectural heritage or design features present within the location.

  • Office & Industrial

    We’ve delivered projects ranging from factory extensions to office parks to the office and industrial sector over the years. Every project that we deliver takes into account efficient and streamlined processes, while you can rest assured that we look for sustainable construction practices wherever possible in order to save our clients both time and money. From acquiring a site, to the construction phase to any post completion maintenance, we are here to add value.

  • Retail & Leisure

    In the retail and leisure industry, we deliver on time and on budget to protect our clients’ bottom lines. This is because we know deadlines are tight in this sector and understand that opening dates are looming large. These guarantees are delivered thanks to a combination of great credentials, expert staff and the support of a huge network. So whether you need a shop, restaurant, museum, hotel or sports facility built or modified, we can offer a helping hand.