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A61 Birdwell Junction


A61 Birdwell Junction - £7.5m

Major realignment works were completed by Esh Civils on the second most congested road in Barnsley.

The improvements included the construction of two new roundabouts and traffic signals and a new direct link from the motorway onto the local road network.

The scheme objectives were to reduce the existing traffic congestion at the A61 Birdwell Roundabout, improve bus services and reduce journey times.

The existing Birdwell roundabout was re-constructed to increase capacity and improve connections with adjoining roads which supports both current and future forecasted traffic demands.

A major priority roundabout was constructed to the east adjacent the A6135 which enabled the inclusion of a link road to an additional second major roundabout adjacent the existing Rockingham roundabout.

A 160m link road was constructed between the two new roundabouts and 720m of road widening was completed to adjoining junctions, slip roads and dual carriageways.

Additional works included; earthworks, stabilisation of mining works, new footpaths, significant drainage installations, management of numerous service divisions, streetlighting and CCTV, hard and soft landscaping and white lining.

The project was completed across three phases to minimise disruption to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

NETPark Phase 3A


NETPark Phase 3A - £3.6m

The works involved the extension of the existing NETPark technology park within Durham, including the completion of a major new road system, a number of new access routes and a new roundabout off the A177.

Construction of a new T-junction off the A177 provides a new access point to the development through carriageway widening, alongside a second access road made from the existing stub end located North of the existing mini-roundabout off Joseph Swan Road.

Additional works included; the installation of two new lay-bys, streetlighting and an art installation positioned at the entrance.

All associated drainage works were completed, including the installation of 2 storage basins (SUDS ponds).

Genesis Way


Genesis Way - £840k

The project comprised the construction of a new five arm roundabout to serve as an entrance to a retail development. Widening of an existing footway was completed to serve as a shared route for pedestrians and cyclists.

York Outdoor Velodrome


York Outdoor Velodrome - £932k

Construction of a new 250m outdoor tarmac Velodrome on the Heslington East Campus of the University, with the added interest of the eagerly anticipated 'Grand Depart' of the Tour de France in Yorkshire.

International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP)


International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP) - £8.4m

The International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP) is a joint venture between Sunderland City Council and South Tyneside Council. Esh Civils has been appointed to deliver IAMP One comprising the installation of infrastructure required to support the first phase of the IAMP development.

The IAMP development covers a total area of 61 hectares and will provide a bespoke environment for the automotive supply chain and related advanced manufacturers.

We will construct a 1500m highway along with the installation of pathways, kerbs, traffic signals and associated telecoms, gas, electric, cold water and broadband services. Additional works include; site clearance, earthworks, stormwater drainage, storm manholes and diversion of existing services.

A19 Enterprise Zone (Phase 2)


A19 Enterprise Zone (Phase 2) - £9.5m

The project involved the construction of new highways, a roundabout, footpath and cycleway and an extension to the existing Nissan car park.

Significant earthworks were completed, as well as other associated works including; installation and diversion of major utilities, installation of a new rising main and pumping station, surface water drainage systems, new drainage channels and new ducting for CCTV and power.

The scheme is part of a £21m upgrade to provide additional highway infrastructure and improvements which will promote and secure further expansion within the Enterprise Zone.

Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor 3


Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor 3 - £35m

Esh Civils has been appointed to undertake Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor Phase 3 (SSTC3). Delivered on behalf of Sunderland City Council, SSTC3 is 2.5km stretch of dual carriageway linking the Northern Spire (SSTC2) and St. Mary’s Boulevard (SSTC1).

The route runs West to East alignment from the Northern Spire through Pallion, running underneath the Queen Alexandra bridge to St. Mary’s Boulevard into the City Centre.

SSTC3 comprises bulk earthworks, road surfacing, new cycle and footways, drainage, security fencing and road restraint, drainage head walls, retaining structures and piled retaining structures, kerbing and retaining walls.

A new western entrance and manned security house will be created into the Pallion Shipyard site. Existing highways which are impacted by the new Transport Corridor also require road widening, junction improvements roundabout improvements.

The scheme forms a continuous link between the A19 and the Port of Sunderland which is vital in aiding the regeneration of the city’s development sites.

Benefits include; improved connectivity to the city centre, reduction of congestion and journey times, improvements in public transport, cycle and pedestrian routes, and improvement of the urban environment and road safety.

Wyvern Park


Wyvern Park - £5.7m

Situated on the edge of Skipton, Esh Civils is currently on site to deliver infrastructure works at Wyvern Park.

The 43-acre site is being developed to accommodate 188 houses and a new business park.

The scheme comprises the construction of a 450m long spine road, 25.5m wide roundabout and a mini roundabout.

Additional works include the installation of an attenuation basin which can store 6692m3 of water and construction of an access road to connect back into the new spine road.

Drainage works will be completed to create a system capable of storing 18,000 litres within the upstream surface water pipework.

M181 Northern Roundabout


M181 Northern Roundabout - £4.5m

The scheme comprises the construction of a new 2 lane on line roundabout located on the M181, immediately to the north of the Brumby Common Lane overbridge.

The development will ease congestion and provide access to 60 acres of adjacent land for commercial and residential development.

Works include; site clearance, fencing, road restraint systems, drainage comprising a culverted ditch, earthworks to form raise embankments, bituminous surfacing, kerbs, footways and paved areas, electrical work for road lighting and traffic signs, landscaping and ecology.

M1 Junction 37


M1 Junction 37 - £913k

The scheme comprised the installation of carriageway widening works and the subsequent installation of all new road markings, traffic signals and control equipment to Junction 37 of the M1 and the A628 West Bound to access Barnsley.

Haddricks Mill


Haddricks Mill - £1.7m

Enabling works were undertaken at an existing junction approach to improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. The existing two-lane carriageway was widened, providing an additional bus lane, two-way segregated cycling and pedestrian route.

Newcastle Great Park Spine Road


Newcastle Great Park Spine Road - 9.1m

Esh Civils has been appointed to undertake the construction of a new spine road and associated infrastructure at Newcastle Great Park.

The new 2.2km spine road will connect Wagonway Drive with Kingston Park Road and will provide 3 new roundabouts, 1 signalised junction and a 21m span bridge over the Ouseburn.

Port Enterprise Zone Road Works


Port Enterprise Zone Road Works - £1.3m

As part of the regeneration of Sunderland Port, the scheme was commissioned to restore the important access road and ensure current and future traffic flows could be accommodated.

Remedial works to the 3km Port perimeter road were completed, including an abundance of reinforced concrete road re-construction with concrete repairs to dilapidated areas.

A new 350m carriageway was constructed to create a larger dock-site area for loading/offloading ships within the Port.

Works will ensure the Port maintains an efficient import/export approach and provide additional space for additional business operations.

M1 Junction 44 Pinch Point Scheme


M1 Junction 44 Pinch Point Scheme - £1.9m

Works comprised the installation of all new traffic signalisation measures to better control the flow of traffic at both north and southbound approaches.

Further works also comprised of carriageway widening works through localised closure of sections of the roundabout.

Deepcar Access Road and Bridge


Deepcar Access Road and Bridge - £2.5m

The scheme comprised the construction a new bridge spanning 30.5m over the River Don and a new approach road to connect Manchester Road to a housing development of 417 new homes.

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