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A19 Bridge Refurbishment


A19 Bridge Refurbishment - £2.3m

Major repair works to two bridges are currently underway in Jarrow. The project will see the structural refurbishment of Albert Road and Kirkstone Avenue bridges, both approximately 2 miles apart.

Located on the A185 and spanning two Nexus metro lines and one Network Rail line, the Albert Road bridge was last refurbished in 1988. The 51-year-old structure will undergo strengthening works, concrete repairs, resurfacing, installation of new bridge joints, replacement parapets and full re-waterproofing of the bridge deck.

The Kirkstone Avenue footbridge spans the A19 south of the Lindisfarne roundabout. The footbridge will be lifted and removed from site to be fully refurbished, repaired and modified before being installed and re-opened later in the project.

On site works at Kirkstone Avenue will include replacement of the parapets as well as raising the level of the bridge above the A19 to enable removal of the existing limited headroom restrictions on the A19 slip roads.

Crossgate Bridge Refurbishment


Crossgate Bridge Refurbishment - £205k

Essential bridge maintenance works were required to improve and extend the lifespan of the existing structure and mitigate the cost of future maintenance works.

Hydro-demolition and concrete repairs were completed to the existing bridge abutments and piers, and replacement waterproofing works to the bridge deck.

The crash barriers were removed and replaced, and new kerbing laid on the road deck.

The works on the bridge deck were carried out in two halves in order to allow the bridge to remain operational throughout the duration of the works given it is a primary access point to the town centre.

Kip Hill Bridge


Kip Hill Bridge - £1.7m

The project comprised the removal of the existing steel plate girder bridge deck, demolition of existing abutments, earthworks, grouting and piling for new abutments, road and footpath re-alignment, construction of a new junction and alterations to highways and footpaths. The bridge construction was a tied arch of 60m span over an existing heavily trafficked highway.

Benton Metro Station Bridge


Benton Metro Station Bridge - £1m

The design and build project comprised the construction of a new footbridge over the Tyne and Wear Metro Line.

Works included; demolition of the existing bridge and its safe removal from site, foundations for the lift pits and stairways, lift shaft installation, existing platform modifications, drainage and duct installation, and electrical and communication works.

Skipton on Swale Bridge


Skipton on Swale Bridge - £937k

Constructed in 1781, with an overall length of 110m, Skipton on Swale Bridge is a Grade II listed 8 span, masonry arch structure constructed of coursed and dressed sandstone ashlar blocks.

Our works comprised the removal of coping stones and parapets over the river spans and rebuilding where possible using the original components.

The existing river cutwaters were dismantled to river level and rebuilt using new stone.

Spandrel walls were partially taken down and rebuilt and other areas let in with new facings.

Repointing of the abutments, spandrel walls and wing walls, and resurfacing of the existing carriageway and approaches completed the scheme.

Ramp to Multi Storey Car Park


Ramp to Multi Storey Car Park - £1.1m

Awarded on a design and build basis, the brief was to provide access that met current design standards and provided an extended lifespan of 60 years.

The works involved the demolition of the existing bridge and the fabrication and fitting of a new bridge with limited access from one side of the river whilst maintaining the travel operations in the SYPTE Bus Interchange below.

The supporting pier foundations were assessed as being suitable to meet current requirements and were retained but required concrete repairs and strengthening works to bring them up to standard. New parapets were also provided to bring them up to the required safety standards.

Deepcar Access Road and Bridge


Deepcar Access Road and Bridge - £2.5m

The scheme comprised the construction a new bridge spanning 30.5m over the River Don and a new approach road to connect Manchester Road to a housing development of 417 new homes.

Butterfly Bridge


Butterfly Bridge - £102k

Following the previous bridge being washed away during floods, works involved the replacement of a footbridge over the River Derwent.

The new single span bridge was built off-site and transported in three pieces to site where it was fixed together and lifted into place by a 500 tonne crane.

Polam Lane Bridge Refurbishment


Polam Lane Bridge Refurbishment - £95k

The existing Victorian Bridge was restored and repaired.

Works comprised the fabrication of a new frame adding the original components.

The 20m span bridge is a listed structure meaning the original scrolling handrail features had to be maintained.

We removed the bridge and transported it to an off-site location for repair works to be undertaken.

Hungate Footbridge


Hungate Footbridge - £175k

Works comprised the installation of a 26m span steel-framed pedestrian/cycle bridge over the River Foss.

Piling was undertaken on either side of the river as part of the foundation work and construction of in-situ bank 'seats' for the mast and cable stays.

The foundations were designed to have minimal impact on the riverbank's aesthetical appearance.

A195 Lambton Interchange


A195 Lambton Interchange - £189k

Maintenance works were undertaken to the A195 Lambton Interchange to strengthen the road bridge and upgrade the edge beams to meet current standards.

The structure of the overhead bridge required new concrete parapets to replace the existing eroding ones.

Additional works included refurbishment of a nearby footbridge.

Ridge Mill Footbridge


Ridge Mill Footbridge - £225k

With the original footbridge being severely damaged due to a fallen tree, the project comprised the design and construction of a 30m span, steel, pedestrian footbridge. Piled foundations were placed on both banks and reinforced concrete abutments with holding bolts constructed on top of the piles.

Kettleside Bridge


Kettleside Bridge - £353k

The project comprised of re-surfacing works to Kettleside Bridge.

Works were undertaken to remove the existing waterproof membrane prior to installation of the new waterproofing system, with the removal and replacement of all kerbing and footpaths.

Works also included the upgrading of existing crash barriers on both sides of the bridge.

A69 Carlisle to Newcastle Trunk Road


A69 Carlisle to Newcastle Trunk Road - £353k

Works were undertaken to manage and maintain the A69 including structures and carriageways. Works to Constantius Bridge included concrete repairs, drainage works, new bridge joint details and waterproofing to bearing shelves and below the access.

Minor works were carried out to Kingshaw Green Railway Bridge and involved work to the bridge joints and waterproofing.

Camerton Footbridge


Camerton Footbridge - £494k

Following collapse of an existing four span pedestrian bridge due to heavy floods, we completed the design, manufacture and installation of a replacement single span footbridge.

The bridge spanned 52m with a clear width of 2m. The project included removal of debris from the river bed prior to the start of the reconstruction.

Monkseaton Station Bridge and Ramp Works


Monkseaton Station Bridge and Ramp Works - £651k

The project comprised the refurbishment of an existing road bridge over the Tyne and Wear Metro line and the Platform Access Ramp, both located at Monkseaton Metro Station.

Works included the demolition of supporting beams and parapets and the installation of new steel beams with precast concrete.

The diversion of services was also completed.

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