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Newcastle Great Park Spine Road


Newcastle Great Park Spine Road - 9.1m

Construction work is progressing at Newcastle Great Park to deliver a 2.2km spine road, including the creation of Junctions 4-7. The new road will connect Wagonway Drive with Kingston Park Road via Brunton Lane.

Delivered by Esh’s civil engineering division on behalf of Newcastle Great Park Consortium – a joint venture between Taylor Wimpey Developments and Persimmon Homes plc – the scheme comprises the construction of three new roundabouts, one signalised junction and a 21m span bridge over the Ouseburn. Surface water drainage and attenuation systems will also be installed, including a balancing pond, culverts and drainage swales.

Since development started in 2001, Newcastle Great Park has emerged into a sustainable community and one of the most desirable places to live in the North East. Uniquely positioned in a rural setting just three miles from Newcastle City Centre and already boasting good transport connections, the new spine road will make the Great Park one of the most accessible locations in the North East.

Killingworth & Longbenton Water Management Phase 1 & 2


Killingworth & Longbenton Water Management Phase 1 & 2 - £690k

Esh-Stantec, working in partnership with Northumbrian Water, was appointed to undertake 3 phases of work to manage surface water in the Killingworth and Longbenton areas of North Tyneside.

It was identified that 3,594 properties are considered at risk of flooding, with over 500 properties known to be affected.

Works comprised of SuDS measures being delivered at multiple sites, this involved the diversion of a designated main river and the provision of storage across multiple sites.

The team delivered a suitable and sustainable solution with a greater level of flood protection to properties and wider benefits to the community.

Enterprise Zone Infrastructure 1A


Enterprise Zone Infrastructure 1A - £2.9m

Works were undertaken to turn existing open space into a usable enterprise zone for future investment, this included the construction of all new highways and services and the diversion of existing facilities.

Rainton House Car Park


Rainton House Car Park - £490k

The project comprised the installation of a new car park, including street lighting and associated hard and soft landscaping. An adjoining tarmac access and egress road was constructed to link to the existing car park and highway.

Further works included the installation of necessary on-site drainage and associated drainage pond.

Marden Quarry


Marden Quarry - £1.6m

Esh-Stantec, working in partnership with Northumbrian Water, was appointed to carry out works which involved the separation of Marden Quarry and other sources of surface water from the public sewer network.

Works undertaken included the installation of a 5m wide and 9m deep shaft and associated underground drainage.

This created a new surface water drain to separate out the existing flows from Marden Quarry pond from the combined sewer, therefore increasing the capacity and mitigating the flows from other systems.

Port Enterprise Zone Road Works


Port Enterprise Zone Road Works - £1.3m

As part of the regeneration of Sunderland Port, the scheme was commissioned to restore the important access road and ensure current and future traffic flows could be accommodated.

Remedial works to the 3km Port perimeter road were completed, including an abundance of reinforced concrete road re-construction with concrete repairs to dilapidated areas. A new 350m carriageway was constructed to create a larger dock-site area for loading/offloading ships within the Port.

Works will ensure the Port maintains an efficient import/export approach and provide additional space for additional business operations.

Filey Flood Alleviation Scheme


Filey Flood Alleviation Scheme - £2m

Filey Flood Alleviation Scheme is vital project which will protect 739 homes and non-residential properties in the Yorkshire coast town of Filey from flooding. Delivered by Esh’s civil engineering division, a series of earth embankments, ditches, and temporary flood storage areas will be constructed at different locations around the edge of Filey.

Together with new drainage channels and culverts, the storage areas are designed to catch the flows of water from surrounding land during extreme rainfall before they reach the town. The flood water will be temporarily stored before being released at a controlled rate into the existing urban drainage system and ravines once a storm has passed.

An established public footpath will be installed and the surrounding land will be rotavated and wildflower seeded to enhance the land around the flood storage areas.

Filey has a history of surface water flooding, with records of properties flooding dating back to 1985 and most recently the major flood event in the summer of 2007. As well as homes and businesses, the scheme will also help to protect Filey’s only secondary school, the Scarborough to Hull railway line, which is routed via Filey, and the town’s two access roads.

Redcar Gatehouse


Redcar Gatehouse - £1.3m

Delivered by Esh’s civil engineering division, the scheme based at the entrance of the former Redcar steelworks has delivered a grand state-of-the-art entrance for a new and long-anticipated internationally distinctive industrial zone in the Tees Valley.

Demolition of the existing gatehouse paved the way for a new modern gatehouse building constructed with structural insulated panels. Car parking areas were formed to the east and west of the entrance – with the use of gabion retaining structures to retain the existing embankments – while hard landscaped footpaths and pedestrian islands were constructed to form a link between the parking facilities and gatehouse.

A key focal point of the development is a purpose-built 3.7-metre-high LED screen which was installed onto the existing bridge as a feature to showcase the capabilities of the industrial zone. Final decoration was provided with bespoke street lighting, modern landscaping, and planting of mature trees to create a welcoming, eye-catching entrance for visitors and international investors.

M181 Northern Roundabout


M181 Northern Roundabout - £4.5m

The scheme comprises the construction of a new 2 lane on line roundabout located on the M181, immediately to the north of the Brumby Common Lane overbridge.

The development will ease congestion and provide access to 60 acres of adjacent land for commercial and residential development.

Works include; site clearance, fencing, road restraint systems, drainage comprising a culverted ditch, earthworks to form raise embankments, bituminous surfacing, kerbs, footways and paved areas, electrical work for road lighting and traffic signs, landscaping and ecology.

Ellington In Vessel Composting


Ellington In Vessel Composting - £6.1m

This scheme comprised the refurbishment of an existing waste recycling centre.

The works included the demolition of the existing waste store and the subsequent new build of a modern waste recycling facility and onsite second-hand resale store.

Camerton Footbridge


Camerton Footbridge - £494k

Following collapse of an existing four span pedestrian bridge due to heavy floods, we completed the design, manufacture and installation of a replacement single span footbridge.

The bridge spanned 52m with a clear width of 2m. The project included removal of debris from the river bed prior to the start of the reconstruction.

Chester-le-Street Flood Prevention Scheme


Chester-le-Street Flood Prevention Scheme - £2.2m

Delivered on behalf of Durham County Council, and in partnership with the Environment Agency, the Chester-le-Street flood prevention scheme was essential to prevent a long history of flooding within the town.

The development comprised the re-opening of an existing 87m culvert channel located underneath a busy market place. Works included; the construction of a 25m long Rootlok wall along the edge of the river, formation of headwalls and a 20m long extension to an existing flood wall.
To accommodate the relocation of the market place, public realm works comprised lifting and re-paving the red carpet area, the addition of new street furniture, planters, soft landscaping and footpath widening.

East Shore Enabling Works


East Shore Enabling Works - £704k

The East Shore development site located at Port of Sunderland was granted Enterprise Zone status in 2017, as a result, works were required to enhance connectivity and provide added incentive to investors looking to establish a long-term operation at the Port.

Esh’s civil engineering division delivered initial groundworks and remediation of the as well as the installation of a surface water drainage system.

A19 Bridge Refurbishment


A19 Bridge Refurbishment - £2.3m

Major repair works to two bridges are currently underway in Jarrow. The project will see the structural refurbishment of Albert Road and Kirkstone Avenue bridges, both approximately 2 miles apart.

Located on the A185 and spanning two Nexus metro lines and one Network Rail line, the Albert Road bridge was last refurbished in 1988. The 51-year-old structure will undergo strengthening works, concrete repairs, resurfacing, installation of new bridge joints, replacement parapets and full re-waterproofing of the bridge deck.

The Kirkstone Avenue footbridge spans the A19 south of the Lindisfarne roundabout. The footbridge will be lifted and removed from site to be fully refurbished, repaired and modified before being installed and re-opened later in the project.

On site works at Kirkstone Avenue will include replacement of the parapets as well as raising the level of the bridge above the A19 to enable removal of the existing limited headroom restrictions on the A19 slip roads.

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