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Civil Engineering

Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor 3


Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor 3 - £40m

Esh’s civil engineering division is on site delivering Phase 3 of the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor (SSTC3). The £40m SSTC3 project – which is being delivered on behalf of Sunderland City Council – will create a new 2.5km uninterrupted dual carriageway link to the Northern Spire bridge and the city centre.

SSTC3 comprises bulk earthworks, geotechnical engineering, road surfacing, new cycle and footways, drainage, security fencing and road restraint, drainage head walls and significant retaining structures. A new western entrance and manned security house will be created into the Pallion Shipyard site and existing highways which are impacted by the new Transport Corridor also require road widening, junction improvements roundabout improvements.

500 metres of retaining structures have been installed to date, making it one of the largest retaining structures on any UK highways scheme. The retaining structures were necessary to create space for the highway between the former Pallion Shipyard and the upper existing highway and Tyne & Wear Metro line, given a height difference of 20 metres separated the bordering land.

Benefits of the development include improved connectivity to the city centre, reduction of congestion and journey times, improvements in public transport, cycle and pedestrian routes, and improvement of the urban environment and road safety.

A19 Enterprise Zone (Phase 2)


A19 Enterprise Zone (Phase 2) - £9.5m

The project involved the construction of new highways, a roundabout, footpath and cycleway and an extension to the existing Nissan car park.

Significant earthworks were completed, as well as other associated works including; installation and diversion of major utilities, installation of a new rising main and pumping station, surface water drainage systems, new drainage channels and new ducting for CCTV and power.

The scheme is part of a £21m upgrade to provide additional highway infrastructure and improvements which will promote and secure further expansion within the Enterprise Zone.

Benton Metro Station Bridge


Benton Metro Station Bridge - £1m

The design and build project comprised the construction of a new footbridge over the Tyne and Wear Metro Line.

Works included; demolition of the existing bridge and its safe removal from site, foundations for the lift pits and stairways, lift shaft installation, existing platform modifications, drainage and duct installation, and electrical and communication works.

A69 Carlisle to Newcastle Trunk Road


A69 Carlisle to Newcastle Trunk Road - £353k

Works were undertaken to manage and maintain the A69 including structures and carriageways. Works to Constantius Bridge included concrete repairs, drainage works, new bridge joint details and waterproofing to bearing shelves and below the access.

Minor works were carried out to Kingshaw Green Railway Bridge and involved work to the bridge joints and waterproofing.

Crossgate Bridge Refurbishment


Crossgate Bridge Refurbishment - £205k

Essential bridge maintenance works were required to improve and extend the lifespan of the existing structure and mitigate the cost of future maintenance works.

Hydro-demolition and concrete repairs were completed to the existing bridge abutments and piers, and replacement waterproofing works to the bridge deck.

The crash barriers were removed and replaced, and new kerbing laid on the road deck.

The works on the bridge deck were carried out in two halves in order to allow the bridge to remain operational throughout the duration of the works given it is a primary access point to the town centre.

Roseberry Car Park


Roseberry Car Park - £854k

A new 300 space car park was constructed within the grounds of an existing hospital, including the construction of 2 roads linking the car park to the existing road network.

Bounded by Marton Road and James Cook University Hospital, the site consisted of an area of existing car parking, with a raised bank of grassland separating the new car park area from the remainder of the site.

The project included; the excavation of earth and stockpiling for re-use, installation of porous block paving, construction of an attenuation tank, new ducting for lighting installations, barriers and CCTV system, hard and soft landscaping.

Alum Waters Sewer Flooding Alleviation Scheme


Alum Waters Sewer Flooding Alleviation Scheme - £3.5m

Esh-Stantec, working in partnership with Northumbrian Water, completed the Alum Waters Sewer Flooding Alleviation Scheme.

Due to a historic sewer flooding problem which was contaminating farm land, work was required to protect from sewer discharge which was previously blighted by hydraulic incapacity.

The scheme comprised the construction of a 3,200m3 storage tank which incorporates a low flow channel with a jet flow regulator fitted to limit pass forward flow rate.

A weir wall was located between lanes two and three of the storage tank to create 'wet' and 'dry' sides to the tank.

In dry weather operation and a proportion of typical year rainfall events, flows are confined to the 'wet' side, and only in larger rainfall events do flows spill into the 'dry' side.

This arrangement aims to reduce overall tank annual maintenance requirements by reducing the utilised storage in a typical year and subsequent siltation within the tank.

Killingworth & Longbenton Water Management Phase 3


Killingworth & Longbenton Water Management Phase 3 - £2.8m

Following successful work on Phase 1 and 2 of the Killingworth and Longbenton Sustainable Surface Water Management scheme, Esh-Stantec, working in partnership with Northumbrian Water, was appointed to undertake Phase 3.

The third phase was at Killingworth Lake and involved the provision of storage and surface water separation. The seven-hectare lake holds the majority of surface water generated by Killingworth as well as providing a recreational open space in the town.

The scheme provided additional storage capacity within the lake of 3000m3 in the form of a flood storage basin created along the southern perimeter of the lake.

A new overflow weir was constructed on the lake edge, so when the water in the lake rises above a specified level, water spills over into the new detention basin which provides storage capacity.

The lake was disconnected from the combined and foul sewerage systems which was the previous arrangement, thus reducing the flood risk within the catchment.

The development also comprised ancillary works including new public footpaths, a new access off Southgate (the highway dissecting the lake), new fishing platforms, relocation of existing furniture/picnic tables, new public information signs, floating islands, bat and bird boxes and new wildflower bedding surrounding the lake.

Skipton on Swale Bridge


Skipton on Swale Bridge - £937k

Constructed in 1781, with an overall length of 110m, Skipton on Swale Bridge is a Grade II listed 8 span, masonry arch structure constructed of coursed and dressed sandstone ashlar blocks.

Our works comprised the removal of coping stones and parapets over the river spans and rebuilding where possible using the original components.

The existing river cutwaters were dismantled to river level and rebuilt using new stone.

Spandrel walls were partially taken down and rebuilt and other areas let in with new facings.

Repointing of the abutments, spandrel walls and wing walls, and resurfacing of the existing carriageway and approaches completed the scheme.

Wansbeck General Car Park


Wansbeck General Car Park - £577k

The scheme comprised the construction of a new car park and an extension to the existing access road.

Additional works included the installation of new surface water drainage and lighting.

Deepcar Access Road and Bridge


Deepcar Access Road and Bridge - £2.5m

The scheme comprised the construction a new bridge spanning 30.5m over the River Don and a new approach road to connect Manchester Road to a housing development of 417 new homes.

Fellgate Flood Alleviation Scheme


Fellgate Flood Alleviation Scheme - £900k

Esh-Stantec, working in partnership with Northumbrian Water, delivered the Fellgate Flood Alleviation Scheme.

Following over 175 properties suffering devastating flood damage, Esh-Stantec, South Tyneside Council and Northumbrian Water worked in partnership to increase flood protection to over 250 properties.

The scheme considered all flood risk issues on the Fellgate Estate and utilised sustainable drainage techniques in an innovative approach to flood risk management.

Phase one consisted of sewer upgrades in the estate and the installation of two large detention basins. The second phase included swales, bunds, attenuation basins and ponds.

Page Bank


Page Bank - £700k

Esh-Stantec, working in partnership with Northumbrian Water, completed emergency repairs at Page Bank.

The 30-inch South Derwent Trunk Main that crosses the River Wear had become exposed following river bank erosion after heavy rainfall.

Emergency repairs involved reshaping the river to redirect the flow, as well as the construction of a rock armour wall to form a new river embankment to protect against further erosion.

Works included; construction of a reinforced concrete slab over the Brancepeth Beck, installation of a 320m stone access road, construction of a concrete protection slab the water main and installation of temporary cofferdam.

North Marine Park


North Marine Park - £2.5m

The project comprised the restoration of the historic North Marine Park, located on South Shields’ seafront. The scheme was commissioned to return the park to its original Victorian heritage by restoring its existing features, including the grotto and the grand promenade staircase.

Delivered by Esh’s civil engineering division for South Tyneside Council, improvement works were undertaken to the park’s open areas, including the lighting, seating, footpaths and bowling area. A themed play area was installed, with its design reflecting the Borough’s maritime links and Roman heritage.

Through improvements to the area around the Lawe top, there is now a viewing platform for the coastline, harbour and mouth of the river.


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