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Civil Engineering

Runswick Bay


Runswick Bay - £1.2m

This multi award-winning scheme comprised the construction of coastal defence works at Runswick Bay where the coastline and its surrounding area consist of unstable cliffs, which are susceptible to landslides.

The works included concrete repairs to 2 existing sea walls and the protection of the sea walls through the placement of 10,000 tonnes of rock armour along the bay.

The high-density Norwegian granite, each weighing between 8 and 10 tonnes, was delivered to the beach via barge and placed using 50t excavators and dump trucks.

The rock armour profile was examined to ensure that the wave energy was sufficiently reduced to limit the impacts on the existing sea wall.

Reinforced concrete steps were constructed through the rock armour to enable access to the beach. Artificial rock pools were also created to replace habitat lost and encourage sea life back into the area. The rock pools were created by drill coring into the granite to provide valuable habitat.

The newly constructed scheme offers 100 years of better protection to 96 residential and 17 non-residential properties that were predicted to be lost should the sea wall fail, of these properties 6 are listed structures.

Fellgate Flood Alleviation Scheme


Fellgate Flood Alleviation Scheme - £900k

Esh-Stantec, working in partnership with Northumbrian Water, delivered the Fellgate Flood Alleviation Scheme.

Following over 175 properties suffering devastating flood damage, Esh-Stantec, South Tyneside Council and Northumbrian Water worked in partnership to increase flood protection to over 250 properties.

The scheme considered all flood risk issues on the Fellgate Estate and utilised sustainable drainage techniques in an innovative approach to flood risk management.

Phase one consisted of sewer upgrades in the estate and the installation of two large detention basins. The second phase included swales, bunds, attenuation basins and ponds.

Kirkstall Waste Facility


Kirkstall Waste Facility - £4.1m

An existing waste recycling centre was refurbished over two phases.

Works included the demolition of the existing waste store and the subsequent new build of a modern waste recycling facility and on-site resale store.

Seaton Carew Sea View Car Park


Seaton Carew Sea View Car Park - £406k

On behalf of Hartlepool Borough Council, the project comprised of an extension to a car park into the site of a former fairground, including works to the existing car park to accommodate the layout of the extension.

Page Bank


Page Bank - £700k

Esh-Stantec, working in partnership with Northumbrian Water, completed emergency repairs at Page Bank.

The 30-inch South Derwent Trunk Main that crosses the River Wear had become exposed following river bank erosion after heavy rainfall.

Emergency repairs involved reshaping the river to redirect the flow, as well as the construction of a rock armour wall to form a new river embankment to protect against further erosion.

Works included; construction of a reinforced concrete slab over the Brancepeth Beck, installation of a 320m stone access road, construction of a concrete protection slab the water main and installation of temporary cofferdam.

Killingworth & Longbenton Water Management Phase 1 & 2


Killingworth & Longbenton Water Management Phase 1 & 2 - £690k

Esh-Stantec, working in partnership with Northumbrian Water, was appointed to undertake 3 phases of work to manage surface water in the Killingworth and Longbenton areas of North Tyneside.

It was identified that 3,594 properties are considered at risk of flooding, with over 500 properties known to be affected.

Works comprised of SuDS measures being delivered at multiple sites, this involved the diversion of a designated main river and the provision of storage across multiple sites.

The team delivered a suitable and sustainable solution with a greater level of flood protection to properties and wider benefits to the community.

Gypsey Race Park Areas 1 & 2


Gypsey Race Park Areas 1 & 2 - £1.6m

Situated along the Gypsey Race River Corridor, Areas 1 and 2 of the new Gypsey Race Park were created on brownfield land sandwiched between Hilderthorpe Road and Hilderthorpe Coach Park.

The scheme included; construction of a cantilever viewing platform, gravel and paved walkways, installation of seating areas and re-profiling of the river channel.

The land to build the park was generated by the construction of a 4m high reinforced earth wall along the banks of the Gypsey Race which required over-pumping of the river to allow it to be constructed safely.

Landscaping works were undertaken to create a green corridor along the Gypsey Race which provides walking and cycling routes, play areas and improved habitat for wildlife.

A gravel bed was installed to make the river more suitable for aquatic species in the hope of improving habitat and spawning for fish.

A dedicated seating area has been created and the old mill stone has been laid as a reminder of previous industrial heritage.
The project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and is being delivered across 5 phases.

Wharton Park


Wharton Park - £2.6m

The scheme comprised the significant restoration of Wharton Park. Works included the creation of a new heritage centre and café, new play and fitness areas and restoration works to the Amphitheatre, battlements, Albert the Good statue, Way Sculpture and miniature car track.

The new heritage centre provides new toilet and baby change facilities, a café with indoor and outdoor seating, an education space for visiting groups and a park manager's office.

Two new play areas were installed to cater for toddler, junior and older children's play.
Structural stabilisation, rebuilding and re-pointing works were completed to the Grade II listed battery, battlement walls, turret and site wide retaining walls.

Improvements were completed to the existing amphitheatre which included new seating, railings, steps and electricity supply. This provides a venue for live performances including those linked to the Miners Gala, Durham University, local schools and theatre groups.

Works were undertaken to widen the access to the park, including a new footpath and installation of an entrance feature. Footpath improvements were completed across the park and consisted of new kerbs, edgings and tarmac finish.

A new substation, car parking and road widening completed the external services. Street furniture, signage and lighting were also improved.

Chester-le-Street Flood Prevention Scheme


Chester-le-Street Flood Prevention Scheme - £2.2m

Delivered on behalf of Durham County Council, and in partnership with the Environment Agency, the Chester-le-Street flood prevention scheme was essential to prevent a long history of flooding within the town.

The development comprised the re-opening of an existing 87m culvert channel located underneath a busy market place. Works included; the construction of a 25m long Rootlok wall along the edge of the river, formation of headwalls and a 20m long extension to an existing flood wall.

To accommodate the relocation of the market place, public realm works comprised lifting and re-paving the red carpet area, the addition of new street furniture, planters, soft landscaping and footpath widening.

Whitburn Spill Reduction


Whitburn Spill Reduction - £7.5m

Esh-Stantec, working in partnership with Northumbrian Water, was appointed as Framework Contractor on Whitburn Spills.

The £7.5m project was to improve the performance and resilience of the sewer network in the North Sunderland and South Tyneside areas.

Around 9,000 properties, including homes and businesses, were affected by our works.

Enterprise Zone Infrastructure 1A


Enterprise Zone Infrastructure 1A - £2.9m

Works were undertaken to turn existing open space into a usable enterprise zone for future investment, this included the construction of all new highways and services and the diversion of existing facilities.

Marden Quarry


Marden Quarry - £1.6m

Esh-Stantec, working in partnership with Northumbrian Water, was appointed to carry out works which involved the separation of Marden Quarry and other sources of surface water from the public sewer network.

Works undertaken included the installation of a 5m wide and 9m deep shaft and associated underground drainage.

This created a new surface water drain to separate out the existing flows from Marden Quarry pond from the combined sewer, therefore increasing the capacity and mitigating the flows from other systems.

Stainton Grove HWRC


Stainton Grove HWRC - £1.6m

The scheme comprised the redevelopment of a former council hub facility into a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Works included; hard standing and roadway, a raised ramp, skip storage areas, car parking facilities, pedestrian walkways, sorting/reuse buildings, welfare and weighbridge offices.

The Cottingham and Orchard Park Flood Alleviation Scheme


The Cottingham and Orchard Park Flood Alleviation Scheme - £7.4m

This major flood alleviation project was delivered on behalf of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, procured via the YORcivils Framework.

The scheme was required to address flood risk to over 4,000 properties located in Cottingham and Orchard Park, following an event in 2007 which saw thousands of homes and businesses damaged as a result of a significant flood event.

A total of 8 water attenuation lagoons, inlet & outlet structures and associated works were constructed, creating vital large-scale rainwater runoff storage.

The lagoons resemble formalised grazing areas, remaining dry most of the time and only filling during severe wet weather.

They have capacity to store 300,000m3 of flood water (the equivalent of 120 Olympic-sized swimming pools).

The lagoons have been linked together by culverts allowing the water to flow from one reservoir to the next in a cascading fashion.

Significant earthworks were undertaken with the majority of materials being re-used on the site.

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