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The Cottingham and Orchard Park Flood Alleviation Scheme


The Cottingham and Orchard Park Flood Alleviation Scheme - £7.4m

This major flood alleviation project was delivered on behalf of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, procured via the YORcivils Framework.

The scheme was required to address flood risk to over 4,000 properties located in Cottingham and Orchard Park, following an event in 2007 which saw thousands of homes and businesses damaged as a result of a significant flood event.

A total of 8 water attenuation lagoons, inlet & outlet structures and associated works were constructed, creating vital large-scale rainwater runoff storage. The lagoons resemble formalised grazing areas, remaining dry most of the time and only filling during severe wet weather.

They have capacity to store 300,000m3 of flood water (the equivalent of 120 Olympic-sized swimming pools). The lagoons have been linked together by culverts allowing the water to flow from one reservoir to the next in a cascading fashion.

Significant earthworks were undertaken with the majority of materials being re-used on the site.

Ramp to Multi Storey Car Park


Ramp to Multi Storey Car Park - £1.1m

Awarded on a design and build basis, the brief was to provide access that met current design standards and provided an extended lifespan of 60 years.

The works involved the demolition of the existing bridge and the fabrication and fitting of a new bridge with limited access from one side of the river whilst maintaining the travel operations in the SYPTE Bus Interchange below.

The supporting pier foundations were assessed as being suitable to meet current requirements and were retained but required concrete repairs and strengthening works to bring them up to standard. New parapets were also provided to bring them up to the required safety standards.

Leeds University Public Realm


Leeds University Public Realm - £1.7m

The scheme was split into in two distinct phases: Phase 1a (University Square) and Phase 2 (University Road and Great Hall Square) comprising high quality hard landscaping, soft landscaping and remedial drainage repairs.

Holy Island Pier Improvements


Holy Island Pier Improvements - £211k

Necessary upgrade works were completed to the existing pier in order to improve stability and access for fishing and sailing boats.

Aesthetical improvements were also made to compliment the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Sunderland Investment Corridor (High Street West)


Sunderland Investment Corridor (High Street West) - £2.4m

Delivered across two phases, the public realm project focussed on delivering improvements to the city centre street-scene in two adjacent streets; High Street West and Bridge Street.

The works on Bridge Street included the removal of existing bollards, stone slab footpaths and parking bay block paving. Subsequently, the paving was replaced, new kerb lines installed, road markings, signage and 150m of road surfacing completed.

On High Street West, works included; the lifting and replacement of existing paving and the creation of new steel framed tree pits for 9 existing trees, as well as bespoke granite boulders doubling up as street furniture and steel street benches.

NETPark Phase 3A


NETPark Phase 3A - £3.6m

The works involved the extension of the existing NETPark technology park within Durham, including the completion of a major new road system, a number of new access routes and a new roundabout off the A177.

Construction of a new T-junction off the A177 provides a new access point to the development through carriageway widening, alongside a second access road made from the existing stub end located North of the existing mini-roundabout off Joseph Swan Road.

Additional works included; the installation of two new lay-bys, streetlighting and an art installation positioned at the entrance.

All associated drainage works were completed, including the installation of 2 storage basins (SUDS ponds).

A61 Birdwell Junction


A61 Birdwell Junction - £7.5m

Major realignment works were completed by Esh Civils on the second most congested road in Barnsley.

The improvements included the construction of two new roundabouts and traffic signals and a new direct link from the motorway onto the local road network.

The scheme objectives were to reduce the existing traffic congestion at the A61 Birdwell Roundabout, improve bus services and reduce journey times.

The existing Birdwell roundabout was re-constructed to increase capacity and improve connections with adjoining roads which supports both current and future forecasted traffic demands.

A major priority roundabout was constructed to the east adjacent the A6135 which enabled the inclusion of a link road to an additional second major roundabout adjacent the existing Rockingham roundabout.

A 160m link road was constructed between the two new roundabouts and 720m of road widening was completed to adjoining junctions, slip roads and dual carriageways.

Additional works included; earthworks, stabilisation of mining works, new footpaths, significant drainage installations, management of numerous service divisions, streetlighting and CCTV, hard and soft landscaping and white lining.

The project was completed across three phases to minimise disruption to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Port of Sunderland Emergency Works


Port of Sunderland Emergency Works - £1.1m

The coastline was subjected to severe adverse weather which resulted in Sunderland's coastal defence sustaining damage. Several schemes were completed to improve the integrity.

This included; ground investigation works and marine surveys of the existing North Pier, recovery of South Pier coping stones, removal and replacement of concrete slabs and wall repairs.

The most severe damage occurred at North Pier whereby 35m of the masonry was breached, resulting in erosion of the rubble infill and loss of approximately 20m of pier. Essential repair works were completed and approximately 2500t of rock armour was placed in total.

The coping stones at the New South Pier were dislodged during the storm. These were recovered from the sea bed and stored until the works were completed to reposition and fix them back into place.

Metal and timber repair works were undertaken to the No.1 Dock Gate which was damaged during the storm, including repairs to the locking mechanisms and hydraulic operating systems.

The crash framework to the top of gate was reinstalled and dock gate rigorously tested. Historical drawings were used to assist with repair and fabrication of new parts.

Due to the emergency nature of the works, each design was value engineered to ensure the best value would be attained.

A19 Enterprise Zone (Phase 2)


A19 Enterprise Zone (Phase 2) - £9.5m

The project involved the construction of new highways, a roundabout, footpath and cycleway and an extension to the existing Nissan car park.

Significant earthworks were completed, as well as other associated works including; installation and diversion of major utilities, installation of a new rising main and pumping station, surface water drainage systems, new drainage channels and new ducting for CCTV and power.

The scheme is part of a £21m upgrade to provide additional highway infrastructure and improvements which will promote and secure further expansion within the Enterprise Zone.

Parkgate Cycle and Footbridge


Parkgate Cycle and Footbridge - £860k

The design and build project involved the construction of a foot and cycle bridge which links the Central Park commercial development with Darlington Railway Station.

The 3.5m wide bridge is designed to fit in with Parkgate's industrial heritage.

Exhibition Park


Exhibition Park - £2m

The scheme consisted of an extensive range of improvement works to Exhibition Park. Works included; restoration of an existing bandstand, soft landscaping, footpath works (2000m), lake refurbishment and new sports facilities including a skate park, tennis courts and bowling green.

Crossgate Bridge Refurbishment


Crossgate Bridge Refurbishment - £205k

Essential bridge maintenance works were required to improve and extend the lifespan of the existing structure and mitigate the cost of future maintenance works.

Hydro-demolition and concrete repairs were completed to the existing bridge abutments and piers, and replacement waterproofing works to the bridge deck.

The crash barriers were removed and replaced, and new kerbing laid on the road deck.

The works on the bridge deck were carried out in two halves in order to allow the bridge to remain operational throughout the duration of the works given it is a primary access point to the town centre.

Roseberry Car Park


Roseberry Car Park - £854k

A new 300 space car park was constructed within the grounds of an existing hospital, including the construction of 2 roads linking the car park to the existing road network.

Bounded by Marton Road and James Cook University Hospital, the site consisted of an area of existing car parking, with a raised bank of grassland separating the new car park area from the remainder of the site.

The project included; the excavation of earth and stockpiling for re-use, installation of porous block paving, construction of an attenuation tank, new ducting for lighting installations, barriers and CCTV system, hard and soft landscaping.

Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor 3


Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor 3 - £40m

Esh’s civil engineering division is on site delivering Phase 3 of the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor (SSTC3). The £40m SSTC3 project – which is being delivered on behalf of Sunderland City Council – will create a new 2.5km uninterrupted dual carriageway link to the Northern Spire bridge and the city centre.

SSTC3 comprises bulk earthworks, geotechnical engineering, road surfacing, new cycle and footways, drainage, security fencing and road restraint, drainage head walls and significant retaining structures. A new western entrance and manned security house will be created into the Pallion Shipyard site and existing highways which are impacted by the new Transport Corridor also require road widening, junction improvements roundabout improvements.

500 metres of retaining structures have been installed to date, making it one of the largest retaining structures on any UK highways scheme. The retaining structures were necessary to create space for the highway between the former Pallion Shipyard and the upper existing highway and Tyne & Wear Metro line, given a height difference of 20 metres separated the bordering land.

Benefits of the development include improved connectivity to the city centre, reduction of congestion and journey times, improvements in public transport, cycle and pedestrian routes, and improvement of the urban environment and road safety.

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