• Client:
    Taylor Wimpey North East
  • Location:
    South Shields, South Tyneside
  • Contract Value:

Westoe Crown Village, South Shields

This large development site was situated over an area of 17 hectares comprising the old Westoe Colliery. The site was designated as a brown field site with extensive contamination.

During our enabling works we encountered ground which was contaminated with hydrocarbons and heavy metals. Two separate methods of remediation were required to seal off the contaminated ground. It was decided that the best course of action was to store all contaminated material under tarmac surfaced areas as part of the earthworks strategy. The whole site was constructed with a gas venting system consisting of one meter deep, single size gravel with grid type venting covers covertly situated in landscaped areas along with bollards which doubled up as chimney vents.

The existing site had areas with reusable clay and topsoil present.  The earthworks remodelling involved a high engineering input to economically manage the excavation and storage of a large quantity of material prior to its eventual reuse. This work greatly reduced the amount of material that had been anticipated to be disposed into landfill sites.


Our works comprised the substructure works to support a wide mix of buildings.  Works included the installation of foundations and brickwork up to DPC level on the mix of 780 houses, flats and bungalows constructed on pile and deep fill concrete foundations complete with gas proof membranes, the shopping centre comprising 19 units, the 700 pupil school comprising of a Crèche, Infant and Junior School, the Health centre and doctors surgery, the waste collection area and the Community Centre building.

Highways and Traffic Management

8,000m of road was constructed including associated footways, a new bus route and spine road constructed through the village necessitating new road construction and junction improvements where the new road linked to existing highways. The road totalled in excess of 2000m and included formal 278 works to Bents Park Road and alterations to existing bus routes. The works were phased and traffic management plans agreed with the client and the Highways Authority in advance of the works. We also constructed a new cycle route totalling approximately 1000m which now forms part of the prestigious coast to coast cycle route.


Due to the size of the development the drainage works were significant and installed using in house resources. The works included the installation of 800m of storage pipework (1500mmø) and a further 7,000m of various diameter foul and storm drainage pipework. We used Hydrocarbon resistant Nitrile rings due to the risks associated with contaminated ground.

Eco surface water drainage system which allowed surface water to be collected in a large geotextile lined pits which acted as soak aways providing a sustainably passage for water back into the ground. Any water that would not filter away was piped into the storm water system via a Hydrobrake to minimize impact to the existing drainage system.

Public Realm

These works covered huge areas and were carried out in phases. The works included block paving and the installation of Tegula setts were used on a large proportion of the roads and footpath areas. The total area covered by these works was in excess of 45,000m². 3 Pocket parks were created around the site with walkthrough areas and tree lined walkways to all new streets comprising in excess of 400 tree grills.

Over 250 lighting columns were erected on the scheme which generally comprised ornamental olde world columns and lanterns to match surroundings. The works also consisted of the installation of over 100 bench seats throughout the site.

I can honestly say that Taylor Wimpey have a very good and long standing relationship with this company and I personally find them a joy to work with. Each phase was completed to programme. The timescales set by ourselves were challenging to meet a fast paced major development and Esh Construction delivered on their targets for each phase. They have significant in house resources which allow works to be accelerated where the need arises and programme commitments to be achieved.

- Brian Cunningham, Taylor Wimpey Senior Engineer

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