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    Miller Homes Ltd
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Wendsleydale School, Blyth

The project involved the development of a new social housing estate on behalf of Miller homes. The programme included plotworks and the creation of an infrastructure including roads and sewers.

The works area was previously a brownfield site which housed the former, ‘Wendsleydale School’. However this structure was demolished and remediated prior to the commencement of work.

Plotworks involved the construction of six different housing types in total. Overall 75% of plotworks were constructed privately for Miller Homes however the remaining 25% of works involved the construction of social housing on behalf of the local housing association and council. Floors were created using block and beam, polystyrene a to reach the required U value energy rating specified by the client. Historically, the area has been found to secrete ground gases so gas barrier membranes were required to prevent any seepage into homes. Features such as solar panels, water butts and compost bins were provided to reduce the environmental impacts of the development and provide cost savings to the owners.

We tied the new residential development into the Northumbrian Water Limited existing assets. This process involved close liaison with the Northumbrian Water Limited assets protection team. Drainage works consisted of approximately 500 meters of plastic drainage with the largest pipe diameter being 300mm and the smallest 150mm and the deepest point was at a depth of 3.3m. We also constructed concrete inspection chambers for future works, new roads and footpaths to serve the development and a car park for the local football team on behalf of the client.

When sourcing our supplies, we used recycled materials whenever possible to reduce environmental impacts produced by our works. Using recycled materials allows us to reduce landfill and carbon output produced by fresh excavations. During road works we used recycled aggregates instead of using freshly quarried stone.

Prior to the commencement of works, method statements and risk assessments for making connections to the NWL systems had to be submitted and approved by Northumbrian Water Limited’s consultant, AMEC.

Due to the location of the site we erected heras fencing around the site to create a clear segregation and prevent unauthorised access to the site. We also arranged for deliveries to take place outside of peak traffic times to reduce the impact on local residents.

We worked closely with the client’s design team to establish the safest and most cost effective method of constructing the new road over Northumbrian Water Limited’s existing assets.  The use of Geogrid under the formation of the proposed road provided additional strength over Northumbrian Water Limited’s existing assets. The Geotextile membrane is tough but lightweight and durable. It also reduces the depth of stone needed because of the clearance between the new road formation and existing rising main.

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