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    Northumbrian Water Limited
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The scheme comprised of carrying out the construction of a new 6,000m3 storm water settlement tank within the existing Guisborough site and carrying out the subsequent upgrading of Tocketts Gate pumping station.

Northumbrian Water identified that the existing storm water tanks at Guisborough were a contributing factor in the potential water quality failures at Saltburn beach. The existing site had the capacity to store 1000m3 of storm water however predicted levels were subsequently many times greater than the predicated capacity. Therefore The scheme was necessary in order to significantly increase the storage capacity by seven-fold to ensure the site could handle in excess of 7000m3 and offer significantly greater protection to the nearby coastline.

The scheme was competitively tendered as part of the major works Framework with Northumbrian Water. The main element of the works involved the design and construction of a new storage tank with plan dimensions of 85m x 42m. The new tank was constructed using precast concrete which was designed and supplied by a specialist subcontractor, Carlow Precast.  The major benefit to using a precast modular construction method allowed for the minimisation of the quantity of in situ concrete hat would have been required to create a structure of this size as well as being more cost efficient.

The nature of the scheme meant that an extensive temporary works design was required to allow for the undertaking of the excavation to the required depth to install the new tank. Working in collaboration with MGF and Carlow we utilised a precast propped cantilever sheet pile solution which allowed for us to successfully incorporate 8m long sheet piles around the perimeter.

Public and Stakeholder Liaison

Letter drops were carried out prior to the commencement of the scheme to provide an overview of what the project was aiming to achieve and provide a detailed description of any traffic impacts the works may cause. Further letter drops were carried out to the surrounding area as and when required to update local residents on the progress of the project and works that are being undertaken in the coming weeks.

The Lumsden & Carroll team worked very well on this multi-disciplinary project, carefully managing the site specific constraints, interface with our existing operational assets and also constructing the new works to a high standard. Lumsden & Carroll have also taken particular care with managing relationships with our Customers, which have been a challenge on this project due to main site access being via a residential estate.

- Chris Austin, Project Manager, Asset Delivery, Northumbrian Water

Challenges Overcome

Access to the site was restricted by a 4.2m high bridge and had to be made through a residential housing estate. To construct the works over 70 loads of precast concrete were required, 1500m3 of concrete, 300t of reinforcement and 50 articulated wagons for the temporary works. We had to work very closely with our client and the residents to minimise disruption. Using a combination of letters, drop in surgeries and regular updates for the residents and careful coordination with our suppliers we were to complete the scheme causing minimal disturbance.

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