• Client:
    Prime Public Partnerships Ltd
  • Location:
    Pelton, Chester le Street
  • Contract Value:

Primary Care Centre and Library, Pelton, Chester le Street

The proposed site was formerly the village Primary School; which had been demolished and relocated to adjacent land. This BREEAM Very Good Primary Care Centre serves the communities of Ouston and Pelton and provides new doctors surgeries, office space and accommodation for the Primary Care Trust (PCT). A separate Pharmacy and a replacement community Library for Durham City Council are also contained within the new building.

The project included the full fit out of both the surgery and the library. The surgery involved the high specification fit out of the treatment rooms, waiting rooms and reception area for the doctor’s practices occupying the building. The library fit out included reception, meeting rooms, shelving and reading and working areas. The decoration within the library was varied to create defined spaces.

A further section of the building is a dedicated office base for the PCT in the area and also included a branch surgery which operated independently form the other practices within the building. The Pharmacy also provides approximately 100m² of retail space which is again operated separately from the doctor’s practices.

The new building was constructed whilst maintaining the use of the existing doctor’s practices and library. Once the new building was completed and everyone had relocated the old building was demolished and a car park created.

Air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps have been installed to heat the building. Both absorb heat and transfer to the radiators within the buildings. The ground source heat pump required the installation of pipes which were laid underneath the foundations. Heat from the ground is absorbed into the fluid filled pipes and passes to a heat exchanger. The ground source heat pump can be used throughout the year as the ground stays at a fairly constant temperature. In addition a water harvesting system collects water from the roof of the building and is stored and re-used to flush the toilets. This reduces the reliance on water and contributes to the reduction in water rate costs.  r

A Considerate Constructors Scheme score of 34.5 out of 40 was achieved. We were very proud of this score as it is above the UK Construction Average of 33 and shows our dedication to improving construction standards.


The site shows a very enthusiastic attitude to CCS matters and in relatively undemanding circumstances the opportunity to undertake a ‘copy-book’ project has been well taken. The site is fully sympathetic to the client’s objectives and is sensitive to the ‘green’ features of the design. The site has a patient, friendly and painstaking atmosphere and a good social and calmly professional image is being presented. A high standard of considerate construction is being achieved.

- Ley Aldridge, Considerate Constructors Scheme

Successful Outcomes

A local school was located next to the site so we invited them to do site visits and also carried out talks within the school. We had examples of the different materials we use on site and asked the children to name as many as they could and the winner got a small prize.

A letter drop to local residents was carried out, informing them of project details. To ensure everyone was informed of the works we also did a door knock providing regular updates about the project and when there may be activities which could impact them such as deliveries and craneage. This was well received by the clients.

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