• Client:
    Persimmon Homes
  • Location:
    Pelton, Chester le Street
  • Contract Value:

Pelton A693 Roundabout, Chester le Street

The scheme comprised of carrying out the construction of an all new roundabout and undertaking necessary S278 works comprising of the laying of an all new road surface and associated traffic barriers and junctions on a busy commuter road between Chester le Street and Stanley.

The site is bisected by the A168 with the northern boundary comprising of the A191 Whitley Road, beyond which lies an industrial retail estate. The east is bounded by the rising sun country park, with a residential housing estate being found to the west. The western boundary is formed by the east coast mainline.

As a result of the existing road being within a national speed limit zone prior to the commencement of any works in coordination with the local council a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) of 30mph was put in place within an approximate 350m radius of the site.

To further mitigate as much disruption to motorists we funnelled the traffic into one lane for both North and South bound traffic while the North side of the roundabout was constructed on existing farmland via extensively engineered earthworks to create a circa 4m high embankment to create a level surface ready for the installation of an all new highway along with the associated drainage, footpath and kerb lines.

Once the North side of the roundabout was created, we diverted the traffic along the newly constructed half of the roundabout via two narrow lanes and subsequently closed the south half and installed all new kerb lines, footpaths and necessary junctions and new surface.

In total the project comprised of the laying of circa 400m worth of new tarmac with necessary night working being required was required in order to install the all new crash barriers and anti-skid surfacing.

To further mitigate risk throughout the duration of the works in partnership with the client and local authority a 30mph Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was implemented on the road within a 500m vicinity of the scheme for the duration of the works. This was also supported by police who set up speed traps at regular unannounced intervals to further ensure that the TRO was adhered to by all road users for the duration of the project. With the works being segregated through the use of safety barriers and heras fencing with safely segregated and outlined pedestrian walkways put in place. Due to the nature and location of the works ordering of materials was conducted on a “just in time” basis and split with each side having a designated delivery route and lay down zone.

Performance to Programme

As a result of circumstances beyond our control the scheme initially fell 5 weeks behind schedule, although through close coordination with all parties involved and undertaking night working where necessary we were able to gain 4 weeks and deliver the project only one week behind schedule.

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