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New Health Centre, Lauder

This new Health Centre is in the town of Lauder in the Scottish Borders. The town has developed and grown over a number of years, which resulted in increased pressure upon the existing Health Centre. This new Health Centre provides a purpose built facility suitable for modern health care and allows for expansion and development of local health services in the years to come.

The new health centre has a two storey and a single storey element wrapping around three sides. The two storey element has pitched roof which pitches diagonally from the lowest point at the Northern Corner to the highest at the Southern. This reduces the scale of the building at the car park side, the primary approach to the centre, whilst rising to its highest towards the open space of the park and the hills.

The single storey element rises from its lowest at the boundary with the park to a high point marking the entrance to the centre. This reduced the impact of the centre on the park by presenting its lowest face to the park at ground floor level whilst clearly designating the entrance to the centre.

Internally the centre is clearly zoned into staff areas, patient areas and public spaces. The central element is a cubic form, with a double height cylindrical waiting space at its centre. This double height space brings natural light into the middle of the building where the patient waiting room is located. The administrative areas have been positioned so that they have views of the entrance, waiting area and corridors.

The primary medical and consulting spaces are on the south of the building, due to their requirement for natural daylighting, while the service spaces are on the west, where due to the proximity of the boundary the opportunities for openings in the external wall are limited. The intention is for the building to be simple and clear to navigate and use.


Sustainability was one of the key drivers in the design of the building. The centre is predominantly naturally ventilated with energy efficient lighting systems. The external envelope is well insulated and heating is provided by an under floor system powered by air source heat pumps.

There were a number of small trees that were on site boundary of the existing play park and footpath, the trees were assessed and deemed to be in poor condition so as part of the development the trees concerned were removed and replaced with a beech hedge demarcating between the centre and the adjoining footpath.

The project also involved new soft landscaping in the North East corner of the playing fields where the new foot path enters. This landscaping helps to reinforce the entrance to the park and also has an advantageous effect of screening to the south elevation of the complex.

The project was delivered through the South East Hub Framework and required extensive pre construction and construction phased engagement and effective collaborative working with a wide range of stakeholders. This process included very detailed pre construction analysis and interrogation of project designs and specifications and extensive value engineering.

This is a wonderful new facility which the staff and the people of Lauderdale can be proud of. It provides bright modern facilities and easy access which can be enjoyed by both staff and patients. It is a great asset for the community, both now and for generations to come

- Brian Houston, Chair, NHS Lothian

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