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    Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
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M1 Junction 37, Barnsley

The scheme comprised of carrying out necessary improvements The scheme comprised of carrying out the installation of carriageway widening works and the subsequent installation of all new road markings, traffic signals and control equipment. To Junction 37 on the M1 and the A628 West Bound to access Barnsley in order to alleviate traffic congestion and ease traffic flow at peak times.

The project was carried out on Junction 37 of M1 Motorway at the intersection with the A628 Dodworth Road and Whinby Road, Barnsley. South Yorkshire. Further to this the site was directly bounded by residential properties, with a Toby Carvery Restaurant and an Encore Hotel located approximately 100m and 200m from the junction.

The scheme comprised of carrying out necessary peak time traffic alleviation improvements to junction 37 through widening the existing carriageway and incorporating all new underground ducts and chambers to improve drainage. We also carried out the installation of all new traffic signal and control equipment and measures as well as all new road markings.

Further to this due to widening the carriageway and the installation of all new kerb lines and associated footpaths. As a result of close coordination and management of the scheme we were able to lay and compact the tarmac used for the new carriageway to allow traffic to use the new areas as work progressed.

We were able to complete this scheme within the originally agreed 18 week time period despite further kerbing works and surfacing being carried out.

Challenges Overcome

Due to the site being within the proximity of a large school with approximately 2100 pupils, with a number of students walking to and from school along the A628. Which formed part of our work area we, therefore to overcome any possibility of the children gaining access to the site we employed the use of CCTV and ensured that all perimeter fencing and pedestrian barriers were maintained on a high frequency.

Another challenge we encountered on this scheme was the close proximity of Barnsley Fire Station and Barnsley Hospital, which were both located within 1.5 miles of the site and the Police station located in the town centre, so to ensure that no problems or service disruption was caused we liaised closely with all parties involved and undertook regular site cleaning activities to make sure that the affected roads were safe to use under Blue light conditions and at speed both day and night.


The contract was carried out in the most efficient and effective manner. Of particular note was the relationship developed between Esh and Barnsley council site teams, this led to a productive working environment. This in turn resulted in the successful outcome for the scheme. It was pleasing Esh had taken the time to comprehend the relevant specifications and thus appointed subcontractors who were fully au fait with the Councils requirements and Standard

- Gary McNaught, Principal Engineer, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Considerate Constructors

The scheme was registered with Considerate Constructors and managed to achieve a score of 40 out of 50 which is significantly higher than the national average with the site displaying a very high level of compliance across all sections of the report. Most notably in the respecting the community and valuing the workforce sections which demonstrates our continuous goal of changing the way the wider community see construction and civil engineering as well as promoting the sector as a whole to future and current generations.

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