• Client:
    Sunderland City Council
  • Location:
    High Street West, Sunderland
  • Contract Value:

Investment Corridor, High St West, Sunderland

The overall scheme delivered environmental improvements and traffic management measures to improve pedestrian movement across other areas of the city.

The first of two phases of a demanding public realm project focused on delivering improvements to the street-scene in two adjacent, one pedestrianised, city centre streets that are lined with existing commercial properties and amenities.

The working areas are split into 11 individual areas, to allow for the continuous operation of all commercial properties, spread across two adjacent areas, the first being located on Bridge street with the majority of the works being located along High Street West in Sunderland City Centre.

90% of the scheme comprised of carrying out the lifting and removal of existing pavement and associated street furniture and its replacement with a mixture of Granite sets and Yorkstone block paving.

The works on Bridge Street, known which was area 1 comprised of:

  • The removal of the existing bollards and lifting up of the existing stone slab footpaths and parking bay block paving.
  • The subsequent replacement of the paving with all new granite paving slabs and York Stone block paving to the parking bays.
  • Resurfacing of approximately 150m worth of road and approximately 320m of granite paving and Yorkstone paving spanning from the top of Bridge Street to the junction with Fawcett Street, the eastern stretch of High Street West and Union Street.
  • Further works comprised of the installation of all new kerb lines and associated road markings and signage.

The volume of works undertaken on the central belt of High Street West, known as area 2 comprised of:

  • The lifting of existing paving and the laying of Chinese granite and Yorkstone paving in its place.

The creation of all new steel framed tree pits for the 9 existing trees as well as bespoke granite boulders that double up as pedestrian street furniture and steel street benches.

  • The scheme also comprised of the installation of all new pedestrian way signage and feature lighting.

Added Value

We believe in ‘Adding Value’ to our commercial operations above and beyond contract requirements, we do that through having the ability to provide a series of structured and transferable engagement programmes. Our motto is ‘leading the way in constructing communities’ and focus our efforts on supporting the people who live in and around the communities where we work. This is demonstrated being able to provide valuable working experience and hours to Ryan Abbs who attended Byram College.

Further to this we were able to accommodate a site visit from 6 students from Hudson Road Primary School so that they could gain a firsthand view of the works that were being undertaken to improve the City, located half a mile from their school. The students were given a guided tour by our onsite Project Liaison Officer before getting the chance to use the TST (Total Station Theodolite). Further to the site visit our Added Value team attended Hudson Road Primary School on Tuesday 1st March 2016 to introduce safety procedures through a short 20-minute presentation to over 120 students. The presentation covered the key dangers of construction sites, an opportunity for students to dress up in personal protection equipment (PPE) and culminated with a fun interactive quiz. In addition to the safety presentation, we also ran a safety poster competition, allowing students to apply what they had learnt about site safety by designing a poster with the winner will being displayed on the site hoardings.

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