• Client:
    Northumbrian Water Group
  • Location:
    Fellgate, Jarrow
  • Contract Value:

The project comprised of carrying out the second phase of flood alleviation scheme for the Fellgate Estate comprising of the installation of all new ponds and improve the incoming drainage.

The second phase of the scheme comprised of putting in place a measure that effectively dealt with the rain fall landing on the estate which was solved through the creation of necessary ponds and swales for the water runoff. Phase 1 of the scheme previously comprised of capturing the surface water that was running onto the estate and creating additional overflow drainage.

The works were broken down into seven individual solution areas with the works being undertaken at each problem area comprising of:

Area 1 – St Joseph’s RC Primary School

This works comprised of carrying out the construction of a new swale, which captured roof drainage and surface water flows directly from St Joseph’s School and subsequently transferred them to a new pond located in the north east corner of the playing field.

The pond was constructed 1m deep within a clay lined excavation and subsequently finished with topsoil and wildflower seed. The new swale draining was led from the southern end of the school playing fields in order to capture roof drainage and surface water flows from the school.

Area 2 – Rochester Square

The second area comprised of intercepting the surface water runoff from the Hedworthfield Community Centre playing field and conveying it, via a swale, to the newly constructed pond located within the grounds of Fellgate Primary School. Further to this the existing public footpath to the north of The Glade was re-graded to channel surface water to the new swale. Further works comprised of the formation of a 1m deep clay lined and top soil finished detention basin within land that was jointly owned by Fellgate Primary School and Hedworthfield Community Centre.

Area 3 – Lawnsway

Lawnsway involved the construction of a new swale that was required to intercept surface water runoff from the eastern side of the playing field and conveyed it to a new pond in Hedworthfield Community Centre. This part of the works also saw the formation of a new 1m detention basin within the car park area adjacent to the community centre entrance and an associated 400mm deep swale. The existing private drainage was subsequently diverted around the northern perimeter of basin. The pond inlet structure consisted of gabion basket cascade, with the outlet and the new pipework connecting to the existing off site storm water drainage system.

Area 4 – Durham Drive (East)

The works undertaken within the east side of Durham Drive comprised of carrying out necessary modifications to the existing highway drainage to capture surface water from the carriageway via gullies and the installation of a new carrier drain within the highway verge, and drainage line with a headwall in to Calfclose Burn.

Area 5 – Lincoln Way

This part of the scheme comprised of intercepting surface water runoff from Lincoln Way and conveying it via swales and filter drains, to a new detention basin within grassland north of Fellgate Primary School. The swales included an underdrain and the filter drains had an integral pipe to allow continuity of flow when crossing footpaths.

Area 6 – Durham Drive (West)

This solution involved constructing a bund along the verge at the western end of Durham Drive to contain surface water runoff in the field.

Area 7 – Fellgate Primary School

This part of the works involved intercepting surface water runoff from the playground and conveying it, via a swale, to a new pond in the school field. A concrete swale was constructed alongside the school to capture the water runoff from the tarmac yard from entering the school building and small bridges we constructed across the concrete swale to allow access from the school to the playground.


  • RICs North East Renaissance Awards 2016 Project of the Year for Infrastructure, Highly Commended
  • Institute of Water 2016 – Innovation Award Northern – Winner

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