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Exhibition Park

The works which were carried out for Newcastle City Council were required to revitalise the existing facilities and park environment and improve the visitor experience. The works comprised of an extensive range of construction activities that were needed in order to improve the layout and quality of the Park for recreational users and visitors.

A Grade II listed bandstand within the park was carefully restored and the surrounding area altered to improve access for park users and a comprehensive new planting scheme and careful landscaping finished the area. The bandstand was initially to be removed however we revised the works and decided to keep it in-situ as a precaution in case it had any micro-cracks which we didn’t want to damage further. Interpretation panels were also added to the front of the band stand as well as the museum, lake and historic entrance. The parks historic entrance on Claremont Road was also further enhanced and modernised as we removed the archway, carried out stone repairs and installed new railings in the original style.

Improvements were made to the footpaths in and around the park, with a new ramped access paths being created and the path from the underpass to the avenue being resurfaced.

The park provides a number of sports facilities which had become run down. The tennis courts were re-profiled with a new positive drainage system, resurfaced, lined and with new nets and new security fencing erected to the exterior. A new beginner’s skate park was also created adjacent to the existing one to provide improved and increased facilities as this is a well used area of the park.

The croquet and bowling greens were also subject to renovation which included the installation of new seating areas and access routes, ground clearance and hedge planting to create clearly defined areas away from the main park areas.

The old, worn play ground area apparatus and surfacing was removed and a performance mound was created with curved resin bound paths to the summit.

Works were required at the lake within the park and involved the partial de-silting and the restoration of the lake edge. The restoration involved the introduction of a new sett trim to enhance and provide a more visual edge to the lake. New boat moorings were installed and the existing boat house was refurbished. The pen stoke and chamber was refurbished which involved the prior relocation of all existing fish in the lake to Leazes Park Lake.

The depot area located within the park was also improved through the rationalising of the internal and external areas. We provided new secure fencing and improved toilet provisions.

The parks café underwent significant refurbishment to improve the internal space as this had become under used and neglected. Externally we improved access to the building and also the outdoor dining space for park visitors and new street furniture was incorporated around the park including new seats, benches, signage and litter bins.

A comprehensive planting scheme was completed throughout the park and around the new ramped access and newly created paths. This involved the laying of new turf, new shrub planting with herbaceous borders, native hedge species, bedding planting, native wildflower seeding on exposed subsoil and existing amenity grassland was maintained and made good after any works. A tree management scheme was completed across the site and removed any decaying trees and replaced with new. We also thinned down over grown shrub areas to discourage anti-social behavior.

Flooding was problematic in some parts of the park due to surface water from the Town Moor and so a drainage scheme was initiated. We used sand bags to deal with and divert the water to create a dry working area whilst the drainage improvement works were completed.



Exhibition Park was a complex project. The project has been well received and is a credit to the Esh Group.

- Rob Delap, Parks Development Manager, Newcastle City Council

Considerate Constructors

When visited by the Considerate Constructor Scheme’s Monitor we were praised for the excellent delivery of the project, securing a total score of 40/50 and performing beyond compliance and higher than the national average of 35.

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