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Eston Community Village provides 38 apartments within 4 two storey blocks and 13 bungalows for the over 55s and for people with dementia, mental health issues and learning difficulties.

The scheme design focus was to enable residents to remain independent and uses familiar environments to offer a sense of community, minimise feelings of isolation and detachment from the community around them.

Eston Community Village provides homes for persons over 55 and those with dementia, mental health and learning disabilities.  The village provides an innovative, inclusive environment that is socially inclusive.  Social isolation for those living in the community is a growing problem.  Eston addresses these by ensuring access to social spaces and large gardens for enhanced social interaction.  Properties also have large amount of natural light from dual aspect windows which provide a connection to community and the environment.

Eston has also been designed with dementia care in mind and the design includes features which help assist dementia sufferers.

• Highlighted entrances using colour and luminance for contrast.
• Shelving by front doors for people with dementia to personalise their apartments.
• Contrasting Kitchen Units with label holders.
• Specially designed building signage using colour and visual aids.
• Lighting has been designed to be dementia friendly.
• Colours of floor surfaces, walls, doors, skirtings and sockets provide good visual contracts to aid wayfinding.

Adaptability of the properties was considered during the design stage and involved input from all parties. Should a residents needs change then the properties can be adapted. The same can be said for if Eston is no longer required as an extra care facility it can be adapted to house over 55 ensuring properties are never redundant.

All of the properties were allocated prior to completed and the model has now been adopted as the next generation of extra care facility as it is affordable to run, provides improved independent living. The bungalows also enable couple to remain together and the set up of the facility also enables care to be accessed at Barnaby House if needed. Residents can also move into alternative accommodation which provides increased care as the user requires it. Eston also promotes a sense of community and has been witnessed as a lady with visual impairments was offered assistance by her neighbour who now mows her lawn.

The district heating system has addressed the issue of fuel poverty and the use of photovoltaic panels to the roofs has helped to contribute to energy bill reductions. Each property has also been fitted with a smart meter so residents are only charged for what they use. In addition a fabric first approach ensures heat is retained and contributed to a sustainable development.

Properties adopted some of the HAPPI principles including dual aspect windows to take advantage of natural light and enable cross ventilation. Open plan living offers better accessibility for those with mobility impairments and offers a connectivity between the spaces. Windows also ensure natural light within shared spaces and landscaping has characters areas to provide sensory clues for those with dementia whilst being an attractive space for all residents. There are no major barriers to access the outside spaces and the large windows bring the outside into the properties.


What could I complain about here, I have everything I want, people to talk to and help me. I would recommend it to anyone. I have never been so happy; my friends want to come and live here. If I have any problems they do their best to fix them, lovely staff all of them.

- New Resident at Eston Community Village

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