Esh Group are delighted to be recognised for CSR in the community and education following the announcement of short listing at the CECA Inspiring Change Awards.

10th May 2017

The CECA Inspiring Change Awards highlight and reward organisations in the construction and infrastructure sector who have created a more inclusive culture.  Creating open and inclusive workplace cultures in which everyone feels valued, and respects colleagues is recognised as key to business success. Organisations were welcomed to submit entries that demonstrated the introduction of innovative and creative interventions which align with business strategy, inspiring others employers to follow their lead.

Our entries for Esh Academy and Get into STEM have both received shortlisting for the National CECA Inspiring Change Awards.

Esh Academy has been shortlisted for the category Inspiring Change in the Community. This award tributes organisations who have developed an initiative aimed at boosting job opportunities through engagement with the wider community either by helping small businesses to grow or increasing access to training and employment.

Apprenticeships are a significant part to the culture at Esh Group as many of our senior members of staff began their careers via the apprentice route. In 2013 we launched Esh Academy, to recruit apprentices per commercial need.  To affect the skills shortage Esh Group committed to recruit and retain apprentices to build professional skills from the bottom up whilst providing solid employment opportunities for young people.

Esh Academy ensures we have the capacity to develop the workforce of the future and we made the commitment to enrol 150 apprentices over a 3-year period, welcoming our 150th apprentice in 2016.

Through Esh Academy we aim to develop future leaders of our company whilst up skilling our current our work force we know that if we nurture our apprentices we will continue to grow and build a strong business.

Our Added Value programme Get into STEM has also received CECA national shortlisting for Inspiring Change in Education following winning the NE CECA Going the Extra Mile Award in 2016.

It has been documented that the construction industry is suffering from a chronic skills shortage, in particular in structural and civil engineering, architecture, bricklaying and quantity surveying.

The UK is lacking in workers proficient in STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and nearly 40% of companies looking for employees with STEM skills have had difficulty recruiting.

We believe this national problem should be addressed at a local level by engaging young children early in the educational process and it is our aim to shape career aspirations from a young age.

Early learners are perfectly adapted to learn STEM concepts; it is not difficult to teach STEM to young children by tapping into their natural and innate curiosity about the living world. Get into STEM kits support all 7 Key Stage 1 learning outcomes and are loaned to local primary schools for two weeks for free.

By providing interactive materials and resource which simply allows them to investigate, ask questions about the world around them, and most importantly have fun!

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