Construction firm Esh Group has beaten its target to recruit 150 apprentices in a three-year period, as its policy of “grow your own” proves so successful.

13th December 2016

In 2014 the business made a pledge to recruit 150 apprentices and has already surpassed that target.

It is encouraging more firms to follow suit as it reveals the multiple benefits of having a “home grown” workforce.  Megan Lambert, from Consett, was the 150th apprentice to enrol with Esh Group. The 18 year-old, who is working towards qualifying as a quantity surveyor in Esh Group’s civil engineering team, now has her eye on a career with the company.

She said: “I was really keen to get into construction – my dad is a self-employed builder and encouraged me – but I wanted a job that mixed on-site and office work. The quantity surveyor apprenticeship is perfect for that – giving me the opportunity to get hands on with developments and get to know the technical side of the job. When I spotted the advert I knew I had to apply because Esh Group is known for being a good employer, and it’s a place where I can develop a career.”

Megan, who previously studied towards a business administration apprenticeship, will now spend two years completing her training, which includes one day a week of study at college.  She is just one of more than 150 apprentices who are training to become Esh Group’s workforce of the future, along with graduates.

Esh Academy is the hub of all the company’s training and personal development activity – a vehicle to recruit young talent and upskill Esh Group’s existing workforce. It involves work with educational institutions, training organisations, business partners and Esh Group companies, to supply skills.

It’s fantastic that we’ve been able to exceed our commitment to recruit 150 apprentices by 2016. At Esh Group we know people are our key business strength – and what better way to make sure we have great skills to offer clients than by growing our workforce from the ground up. Our apprenticeship programmes are high quality, and train people to national industry standards while giving them the knowledge and technical ability to forge interesting careers in the construction industry. The Esh Academy is helping us to equip our business for the future while offering excellent career opportunities to people in the communities in which we work.

- Tricia Mullen, group training manager

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