A scientific experiment into driving behaviours at construction firm Esh Group has prompted investment in technology to cut carbon consumption and save thousands of pounds.

7th February 2017

The Group recently tested staff members’ approach to driving – using sophisticated telematics technology from specialists Masternaut to measure acceleration, braking, idling and cornering.

As part of a three-month study the firm recruited 14 of its drivers who had their vans fitted with the telemetry devices that recorded every move of the vehicle as they visited sites.

Data was collected to show how driving style impacted on fuel consumption, and real-time feedback was delivered to drivers via a dashboard mounted box which beeps to indicate excessive acceleration, harsh braking and cornering or running the engine while stationary.

Simon Park, Esh Group’s energy and environment advisor, explained: “As part of our work to maintain ISO 50001 standards we look for ways to become more energy efficient.

“As a construction firm with a significant fleet, fuel is a major source of carbon consumption and contributes significant cost.”

Masternaut’s technology connects directly to the interface between all the vehicle’s electrical components to provide a highly accurate picture of driving.

The study included a control period of two weeks, in which fuel consumption was recorded before the devices were turned on and Esh Group staff were prompted to modify their driving.

Over the three month period Esh Group made an average fuel saving of £18.68 per vehicle per month – a sum which in the long run would save thousands on the firm’s fuel bill.

Now the Group’s landscaping and grounds maintenance division, Deerness Fencing & Landscaping has equipped its fleet of vans with the technology, and staff already receive feedback on their driving.

A recent contract win for the division helped to finance the investment.

Richard Teasdale, operations director at Deerness Fencing & Landscaping, said: “Across Esh Group the focus on increasing energy efficiency is taken extremely seriously.

“By showing drivers how to make better decisions behind the wheel we’re helping to reduce carbon consumption, increase safety and save costs.

“We hope Deerness can replicate the savings made in the trial – proving the business case for this technology to other parts of the Esh Group.”

Esh Group’s Summit 2026 initiative is a far reaching, ten-year programme in which staff identify objectives and actions to increase energy efficiency.

The programme pushes Esh Group to make continual improvement, in line with the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 management systems.

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