North Tyneside Council are committed to providing affordable homes to tackle the current housing shortage within North Tyneside. Located within Camperdown the site is in an area of high demand. 13 new homes were constructed on the site to reduce the demand and contribute to the Councils target of constructing 3000 affordable homes over a 10 year period.

This 0.37 hectare plot was vacant and set within an existing residential area, 1 mile to the north west of Killingworth Town Centre. The site was previously developed but had been cleared and was used as open space. The houses surrounding the site were constructed in the 1950’s and 1980’s and comprise of a mix of architectural styles. The site was previously occupied by 7 houses and a block of 6 garages which were demolished during the 1970’s. The surrounding area was redeveloped in the mid 1980s and it was anticipated that this site would have been developed at a later date for housing. However this area remained unoccupied.

13 new homes were constructed and comprised 5 two bedroom houses, 4 one bedroom apartments and 4 two bedroom apartments. Car parking has also been provided with properties having private driveways or dedicated parking spaces. An area of green space was also retained for play. The properties are all two storeys in height and have been designed to reflect the characteristics of the immediate area. The existing pedestrian link between Hall Drive and Thompson Avenue has been widened and improved.

The layout of the properties also takes into account the natural topography of the site. The east side of the site has properties which are stepped slightly so that there is a gradual increase in height.
The properties were constructed on standard strip foundations with traditional build brick and block walls. The wall incorporate wind posts to strengthen the external brick work façade. Inter layout within the houses were created through the use of plasterboard stud walls. The apartments internal layouts created through a mix of block work and timber stud partition walls. All of the properties had concrete roof tiles, upvc windows and solid oak doors.

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