Health & Safety

Keeping our workforce, supply chain and the public safe is our utmost priority here at Esh Group. We have a positive health and safety culture, driven through our Everyone Safely Home commitment.

Our constant aim is to review and analyse both Esh Construction activities and the wider construction industry to ensure that Best Industry Practice is introduced within our business.

Key areas of focus remain Work at Height operations, working in excavations, service strike avoidance and control of respirable dust, including asbestos.

In addition, we have introduced control measures for monitoring workplace stress and recently launched our Mental Health First Aider programme.

Launched in 2015, Everyone Safely Home brings together our policies, procedures, targets, goals and objectives relating to health and safety under one umbrella brand. We go above and beyond our legal responsibilities, raising awareness and encouraging behavioural change, with a strong focus on employee engagement. Everyone who participates in or is affected by our activities has the right to remain safe. This includes the public, our employees, supply chain and suppliers, our customers and our visitors.

Our positive health and safety culture is:

  • Everyone’s concern
  • Everyone’s aim
  • Everyone’s responsibility

This allows us to ensure the best health and safety conditions exist on our sites, in our buildings and across our entire business. We have a dedicated health and safety team covering all companies and operational areas too.

Everyone Safely Home is a continuous improvement initiative and will continue to change and develop as a result of feedback and careful monitoring of KPI’s. To prevent accidents occurring, we report all near miss incidents — any incident, accident or emergency which did not result in an injury. Near misses are reported via ‘Stay Safe’ cards, electronically via our in-house SharePoint system and via the use of specific near miss reporting forms. We believe in sharing both good and bad practice and to encourage behavioral change to ensure that everyone returns safely home at the end of every working day.

Emphasis through all safety documentation, site signage, PPE

Onsite Director level discussion with operational team

Operatives trained to CPCS standards

Greater focus on Welfare and Occupational Health issues

Back to Basics campaign emphasising key control issues regarding Work at Height, Asbestos Awareness and Service Avoidance

Continued roll out of six step service avoidance procedure resulted in a decrease of services strikes during 2018

Safety documentation portal introduced to improve accessibility, knowledge and standardise procedures

Continuation improvement of management systems, including Quality (9001), Environmental (14001), Energy (50001) and Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001)

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