Corporate Governance

Ethical Governance

Esh Group and its Board are committed to maintaining and, where appropriate, improving standards of Corporate Governance.

This includes, but is not limited to, the creation and maintenance of sound business systems, an appropriate level of embedded internal control and mechanisms of assurance.

The Board of Directors set policy and take responsibility for the Group’s performance in relation to safety, health, the environment, business ethics, risk management, human rights and other social issues.

Maintaining the Highest Standards

The highest standards of integrity and accountability are put into practice by the Board. These standards are expected to be adopted and adhered to by all company directors, employees, workers and third parties, including sub-contractors and their own workers.

Specifically, the Esh Group Anti-Corruption & Bribery Policy and the Esh Group Whistleblowing Policy support a culture of open, honest and fair dealing.

These, together with a comprehensive Employee Handbook and other supporting policies and procedures, are designed to minimise the risks of fraud, corruption and wrongdoing and maximise the rate of detection and subsequent corrective actions.

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