Fellgate Flood Alleviation Scheme

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Jarrow, South Tyneside
Northumbrian Water
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The Fellgate Estate, Jarrow consists of approximately 1,200 homes, with over 175 properties suffering devastating flood damage in 2012. Esh-Stantec, South Tyneside Council and Northumbrian Water worked in partnership to increase flood protection to over 250 properties, whilst delivering cost savings of around 36%.

The partnership approach initiated by South Tyneside Council and Northumbrian Water, created an integrated flood risk alleviation scheme which considered all flood risk issues on the estate and utilised sustainable drainage techniques in an innovative approach to flood risk management.

Phase 1 commenced in September 2014, which consisted of sewer upgrades in the estate and the installation of two large detention basins to land west of the estate. The second phase, commenced in April 2015 (immediately following phase 1 works) and included swales, bunds, attenuation basins and ponds. The entire project was completed on time in November 2015.

The collaborative approach provided improved customer service, generated efficiencies for all organisations, as well as creating a sustainable scheme that offers wider benefits such as habitat creation, educational opportunities and increased health and wellbeing for residents. The successful project now protects over 250 homes previously at risk on the Fellgate Estate.

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