Our Core Values

Whilst recognising the importance of shareholder value, Esh Group makes sure that our actions never compromise our core values.

This is because we listen to our employees, customers and stakeholders. We also recognise our responsibility to the environment and the communities where we work, while health and safety is paramount at all times at our company.


Esh Group’s core values are set out in full below:

Act ethically and with integrity

Be open, honest and sincere, while treating with respect our employees, customers and all people with whom we come into contact.

Teamwork is at the forefront

We work as a team throughout the whole of the Group. Our culture is to table problems/issues early and provide support to determine solutions.

Forward thinking, innovative, dynamic, always looking for improvement

It may be challenging at Esh Group but it’s rewarding to be part of a Group that never stands still.

Brand and reputation are at the heart of the Group

Our core values, delivered by our brands, are central to the Group’s reputation.

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