Using the correct contact details

Ensure your primary contact is the person we can contact for the day to day running of the project. We don’t require details of a senior member of staff, but someone which is available majority of the time and for which we can ask questions, retrieve photographs/quotes and organise visits and events with.

Spelling and Grammar

Spelling mistakes (especially in names and email addresses) can result in correspondence about the outcome of your application to be sent to the wrong person. General spelling and grammar in applications is important to ensure the trustees hear the message that your application is trying to convey.

Word Count

Keep to the word count for each question to ensure your answers are clear and concise. Copying and pasting information direct from other bodies of text can swamp the application with excessive content which isn’t as important.


We do not accept photographs, brochures or additional attachments as part of your applications. If the detail is of extreme importance, please include a web-link.

Repeat Applications

Esh Communities accepts applications from organisations who have applied before. 1 application per organisation will be accepted.

Funding Breakdown

It is not common for funding to be awarded towards organisations ‘running costs’. Applications should focus the funding on an aspect of the project and provide details in the funding break down of what this would be.