Minimise The Loss Of Valuable Stocks & Comply With Current Legislation & Standards

Here at Esh Group, we understand that various industries today face the environmental challenge of reducing and preventing their fugitive emissions. This requirement may be in order to comply with current legislation and standards, to reduce their environmental impact both locally and globally, or to minimise the loss of valuable stocks.

We are also aware that a large proportion of industrial emissions are unanticipated from leaks in process systems. Potential sources can include pumps, valves, flanges, open ended lines, and pressure relief valves. Equipment leaks are referred as “fugitive emissions”.

Remedios uses various techniques for monitoring depending upon the target gases and technologies; commonly a portable FID is used. High-quality fugitive emissions surveys are conducted according to the relevant guidelines and the client’s aims, providing detailed emission inventory data.

For an example of how we look into fugitive emissions, Remedios recently carried out an extensive survey at the Mobil North Sea, SAGE plant in St. Fergus, Scotland.

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