Environmental Consultancy

Via our in house environmental consultancy we specialise in the diagnosis and remediation of contaminated land, alongside offering a range of complementary services.


Our team has many years of experience in the environmental consultancy and research sectors, and offers clients innovative solutions to environmental problems through traditional and technological strategies.

We have excellent experience in working with national and international environmental regulators, and provide our customers with cost-effective environmental solutions.

Through innovative research, we offer a bespoke environmental technology service. Clients for such services come from the resource management, oil/ gas and energy sectors, the waste industry and the contaminated land market.

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  • Contaminated Land Assessment

    The contaminated land assessments carried out by Esh Group through their company Remedios covers various phases of investigation and clean up. All of these assessments are delivered by team members who have full technical expertise in the field and make use of specialist software and tools.

  • Ecological Risk Assessments

    Remedios follows a tiered process when conducting ecological risk assessments. As a result, this Esh Group company is able to develop a conceptual site model so that the significant risk of harm to an ecosystem or organism can be quickly and accurately evaluated

  • Environmental Due Diligence

    Allow Remedios to conduct environmental due diligience investigations in order to ascertain any environmental risks and liabilities that are associated with new business transactions. This process is always delivered and reported on by team members who have extensive experience on the subject, both in commercial and industrial fields.

  • Environmental Permitting

    The application, variation and surrender of various environmental permits can be carried out by Remedios. This Esh Group company goes the extra mile though, by working closely with clients to prepare relevant documents for submission when applying for such a permit.

  • Environmental Technology

    Through Remedios, Esh Group has knowledge on a number of environmental technology. This includes the successful employment of unique biosensor technology and field trials of novel treatments for the removal of toxic metals from mine water discharges.

  • Flood Risk Assessments

    Esh Group, through their company Remedios, delivers flood risk assessments by making use of the latest flood data, historical food records and information related to a client’s site. We are available to offer a helping hand no matter if a flood is caused by the overtopping of rivers, the accumulation of surface water due to heavy rainfall and inadequate drainage, the overtopping of rivers, a rising groundwater table or tidal surges.

  • Fugitive Emissions Surveys

    Through Remedios, Esh Group can help you to achieve the environmental challenge of reducing and preventing fugitive emissions. This is achieved by our team conducting high-quality fugitive emissions surveys according to both relevant guidelines and a client’s aims.