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    KFC (GB) Ltd
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KFC Drive Thru Restaurant, Chaloner Street, Liverpool

The project was located within the shadows of the iconic Liver building. A new steel framed restaurant was created on unoccupied open ground within an existing industrial estate. The site has been continually developed since 1847 with buildings associated with the dockland and in more recent years included a garage, engineering works and a scrap yard.

The building comprises a steel frame with insulated panels, brick and block curtain walling, single ply membrane to the insulated roof. Externally a car park and drive thru were constructed.

Once completed we carried out the internal fit out of the restaurant and the kitchen. The kitchen is specially designed and supplied by a specialist subcontractor and the restaurant design replicates KFC’s chosen style.

Key Issues and How They Were Managed

We shared an access road with an existing McDonald’s restaurant and at no time did we create any inconvenience to their operations. Our traffic plan was designed to mitigate the traffic impacts on the nearby retail units. Heras fencing segregated our site from the public, with CCTV being in operation 24 hours a day throughout our construction works.

Photo Voltaic cells were installed on the roof and generated electricity for the restaurant. An interceptor was also installed to prevent any contaminants from the cars that would eventually visit the site from entering the clean water systems and thus potentially ending up in local watercourses and damaging the environment for wildlife or entering our drinking water supplies.

Successful Outcomes

Regular meetings were held with the retail units, client representatives and subcontractors to coordinate our works and ensure the mitigation of unforeseen problems. This resulted in excellent working relationships and positivity about the project.

We were also able to provide KFC with a cost saving as the new drainage system which would link into the existing system could be shortened. This also resulted in minimised disruption to car park access for the other retail units.

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