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    Glasgow City Council
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The project comprised of the re-construction of the damaged parapet as well as undertaking the necessary re-surfacing and general repairs to the bridge.

Length of Bridge Repairs


The site is located within a rural area but is a popular commuter route to get into and out of Glasgow City Centre. The bridge repairs were necessary in order to make this busy commuter bridge structurally sound. Due to the result of the eastern parapet having been lost numerous years prior, and being replaced by temporary concrete barriers which were used a short term fix on the bridge to keep it operational.

The scheme itself comprised of undertaking approximately 32 metres of bridge repairs along the eastern parapet and the installation of 40m worth of all new kerb lines.

Access and egress to the site was via the same point due to the implementation of a lane closure and dedicated traffic management that was manually monitored between peak times of 6.30 and 9.30am and again at 3.30 and 6.30pm. Outside of peak times the lights were set at automated intervals. So to overcome this and minimise the movement of heavy vehicles around the site we devised a strategy with all of our suppliers to provide an advanced warning of each delivery to our negotiated compound approximately 150m away on an old disused council depot.

The scheme was cordoned off by full perimeter heras fencing and associated safety barriers for passing cars as well as pedestrian barriers to divert them from the working areas and onto the adjoining public footpath.

Early traffic notices were put out approximately 3 weeks in advance of the commencement of the work to advise road users of the upcoming work as well as detailing the 6 week work period. We also put out company signage that had all of the necessary company details and points of contact should the public have any queries about the scheme.


The river Kelvin, that the bridge crosses was identified as a hotspot for migrating salmon, so to ensure that our works caused minimal environmental impact we put in place necessary measures to avoid disrupting as much of the habitat as possible. This was demonstrated through our use a cantilever scaffold system anchored off the bridge as opposed to being dug into the riverbed and implemented a “catch net” system.

This was the first time Glasgow City Council have worked with Esh Border Construction. The work was carried out to a high standard of workmanship within the timescale, with additional costs being justified. Communication between all parties has been exemplary throughout with Esh Border Construction acting on any queries or concerns immediately and this has been reflected in the reception of the finished works as it has received compliments from both the general public and from senior management within Glasgow City Council.

Allan Marshall, Engineering Manager (Contract Project Manager), Glasgow City Council

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