Lumsden & Carroll

Experts in Civil Engineering specialising in the following areas:


Lumsden & Carroll Civil Engineering is a contractor dedicated to supporting its clients and delivering social value for the communities in which it works.

An Esh Group company, Lumsden & Carroll Civil Engineering combines years of practical construction experience with constant, cutting-edge innovation to create lasting infrastructure projects that improves quality of life wherever we operate, and also supports opportunities for local businesses.

We deliver civil engineering projects for utility companies, local authorities, universities, industrial clients and private developers, to name just a few. We fully recognise the mutual benefits of embracing our clients as trusted partners, so we build close, long-term relationships that work well for all.

Our range of work is wide and varied. We have created highways, drainage systems and flood defences, velodromes, new housing infrastructure and reshaped town centres through innovative public realm design, to give just a few examples.

In addition, supported by a range of ISO accreditations, we regularly deliver projects linked to Sites of Specialist Scientific Interest (SSSI) European or National Conservation Sites and Specialist Areas of Conservation (SACs).

Any work carried out by Lumsden & Carroll Civil Engineering is performed with a flexible manner, a unique style of service delivery and constant support for our clients.