At Esh Group we are establishing rigorous environmental management systems. Our performance standards, maintained to comply with BS EN ISO14001, ensure that our operations meet the needs of customers, employees and local community alike.

The Environmental Manuals clearly define procedures and functions, responsibilities and standards. Staff are fully trained at relevant levels and checks and controls are in place to ensure full compliance with both the management system criteria and the spirit of the policy itself. Our Environmental Management System is ‘live’, maintained by dedicated staff who keep up to date with regulations and associated codes of practice.

We are committed to managing our activities so as to minimise pollution, reduce waste production and to dispose of waste generated in a proper, controlled manner. Wherever practicable and consistent with client’s instructions, we use materials and products from sustainable sources. We make every effort to conserve materials, energy and natural resources, we collect waste materials for re-cycling and we re-use and recycle wherever possible. Throughout the course of our work we try to educate clients and suppliers and encourage implementation of our systems wherever possible.

Esh Group acknowledges that sustainable construction is one of the most important issues now challenging the construction industry.

Latest Carbon Footprint Figures: