Esh Group has developed a marketplace approach which includes regular Meet the Buyer events, adherence to the Prompt Payment Code and  a commitment to Local Procurement, supporting our Supply Chain partners through mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

As a socially responsible organisation that engages with the local communities where we work – we always take positive steps to support and add value to the economies where our sites are located.


Our approach to local procurement is supportive towards our supply chain.  We are focused on removing barriers to encourage small and medium sized businesses to work with us, and we buy local to achieve efficiencies and contribute to communities.

  • Meet the Buyer

    Meet The Buyer events have always been part of Esh Group’s procurement process, with the format evolving each year to ensure shared benefit for both our suppliers and commercial teams.

    We appreciate considerable time and expense is put into hosting and attending Meet The Buyer events. Therefore, it’s important they are structured to be as beneficial as possible, ensuring potential bidders are well informed, and know exactly what will be expected of them during the procurement process.

    We hold annual and project-specific Meet the Buyer events, promote them in advance and provide information including a detailed background of our organisation, the opportunities available, a live demonstration of how to complete tender documentation and an opportunity to meet one-on-one with our procurement and commercial teams.

  • Prompt Payment

    Esh Group is a signatory of the Prompt Payment Code and support timely payments to our supply chain. We appreciate how important our suppliers are to our operations. To demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the code we are committed to paying our suppliers on time, giving clear guidance and encouraging good practice.

    We maintain strong relationships with our 450 core material suppliers. We have a 60-day payment term and are currently paying invoices between 42-44 days.

  • Suppliers and Subcontractors

    Where our suppliers and subcontractors are concerned, Esh Group recognises the impact of our operations on the local economy in the communities where we work – it’s our aim to use long-term suppliers and subcontractors within the communities where we work whenever possible, and we particularly encourage Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to work with us.

    We always seek to minimise any negative environmental impacts of goods and services purchased, and we manage and monitor our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that fair contract prices and terms applied are ethical and human rights and employment standards are met. Our tried-and-tested procurement system incorporates pre-award and performance review processes to provide practical data and promote best practice at all times.

    If you are a supplier or subcontractor interested in working with Esh Group contact us via and we will forward your details onto the relevant person.


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