Construction shapes the built environment for the benefit of every local community. At Esh Group we are committed to making the link between the built environment and the natural environment a sustainable one and we devote all of our expertise and energies into achieving this goal in the local communities where we work.

  • Summit 2026

    Summit 2026, Esh Group’s internal sustainability programme, helps us to address the needs of our clients, provide an identity for environmental sustainability and allow the Group to implement the updated version of the international environmental management standard.

    Summit 2026 is a ten-year sustainability programme for Esh Group which gives an identity to the policies, objectives and procedures contained in the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 management systems.

    The ten-year time frame will allow the Summit 2026 programme to set short, medium and long-term policy commitments and update objectives annually, demonstrating continual improvement.

    Objectives have been set to minimise the Group’s exposure to risks and maximise the benefit from opportunities.

  • Esh Carbon Coach

    Esh Group is committed to the conservation of energy across our company activities. To improve awareness of sustainability Esh Group has developed Esh Carbon Coach an e-learning programme for apprentices. Esh Carbon Coach has received support from the CITB National Flexible Fund.

    Esh Carbon Coach is designed to introduce the topic of carbon reduction and best practice energy management. It provides an opportunity to upskill apprentices alongside their core discipline as additional learning early in their career. Its aim is to influence behaviours in relation to energy efficiency both on and off site which will have a long- term impact for the industry.

    The programme provides both the background knowledge and practical skills which will equip the Construction Industry to respond to the Government’s 2025 objective ‘Driving Carbon out of the Built Environment 2025’.

    Through an online programme and on-site experience apprentices learn about climate change, energy usage and management, and low carbon design. This equips them with the skills to identify energy-saving opportunities in their own projects. The course has many interactive activities, quizzes, and videos which provide an engaging learning experience.

    We welcome the opportunity to engage with any interested parties relating to Esh Carbon Coach. If you would like any more information, please contact rita.callender@esh.uk.com.

  • Environmental Protection

    At Esh Group we take the greatest care to ensure the environment is protected on our construction projects. We make sure site teams are aware of the main environmental risks on site and have control measures in place to help reduce any impact.

    To check that projects are delivered in line with our environmental management system our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality team inspect each site on at least a monthly basis. Within the last 12 months we have completed 1500 inspections.

  • Innovation

    Sharing value with our clients is important here at Esh Group, and we innovate constantly to make sure we add value to our projects.

    Our ideas for innovation are widely varied. For instance, we are one of the first companies to implement 3D Building Information Modelling, which improves collaboration, coordination and quality in all aspects of the construction process from design to estimating, resource allocation and productivity.

    We constantly re-engineer plans to reduce waste, energy consumption and work hours, and we are also pioneers of energy-saving homes – our Trivselhus ‘Future Proof Home’ has the potential to be run at zero energy cost and is paving the way in energy-saving initiatives and thermal efficiency.

  • Waste & Recycling

    The UK construction industry generates millions of tonnes of waste each year, producing more waste than any other sector.

    Esh Group’s overall business objective is to implement strategies that divert generated waste from landfill by recycling site waste, reusing aggregates and reducing materials taken from quarried sources, resulting in reduced waste costs and improved resource management.

    We operate an ISO 14001 management system as the basis of our waste management and recycling policies. Our environmental manuals define company procedures, responsibilities and standards for all staff, and our Elite live management system updates our waste and aggregate figures monthly.