Here at Esh Group, our ambition is to be regarded as one of the leading sustainable construction companies in the UK. Through our Summit 2026 strategy, the frameworks we work on and the management systems we operate, we believe that sustainability is integrated within our organisation.

  • Summit 2026

    At Esh Group we understand there are considerable benefits to be gained from running a sustainable organisation, and we have always aimed to be at the forefront of sustainable construction. Through the frameworks we work on, including the Environment Agency and Northumbrian Water, the management systems we operate, we believe that sustainability is integrated within the organisation.

    Summit 2026 details our ambition to be regarded as one of the leading sustainable construction firms in the UK, recognised for having an excellent culture, reducing our carbon emissions, embracing the principles of the circular economy and helping our clients and supply chain partners reduce their environmental impact.

    We understand that to make the reductions necessary to avoid a 2ºC warming the construction industry must make significant savings in emissions, and our Summit 2026 strategy document outlines the challenges we have set the Group over the next ten years, in the following key areas – culture, carbon emissions, waste management, environmental protection and our supply chain.

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  • Culture

    Here at Esh Group, we recognise that to be a sustainable organisation requires involvement and contribution from the whole workforce. To achieve this, we developed our Summit 2026 objective ‘to embed a strong sustainability culture within the organisation’.

    To help us maintain a positive sustainability culture, we follow the 5 Cs:

    • Commitment
    • Communication
    • Control
    • Competence
    • Compliance


    Communication is key to a strong environmental culture. At Esh Construction, we deliver monthly ‘sustainability on site’ briefings for site staff via the Esh Safe News and Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) meetings.

    To promote control and compliance, our construction sites receive a Health, Safety and Environmental Inspection monthly. We have developed our own Esh Safe Standard environmental scoring system, which all sites are required to pass on inspection.

    Many environmental initiatives struggle to reach the staff working on site. In recognition of this fact, we have committed to all staff who hold the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) qualification to attend the CITB Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS) course. This will ensure operatives are competent in managing sustainability on site.

    This commitment goes beyond compliance; Esh Construction have dedicated 1,296 hours of Site Managers/Engineers time to environmental training in 2017. This investment in SEATS shows Esh Construction supporting local businesses, as the training is delivered by Northern Counties Safety Group, based in County Durham.

  • Carbon Emissions

    At Esh Group, we endeavor to reduce our carbon emissions by implementing new ways of working and investing in new innovative technologies – all of which will lead to a reduction in carbon footprint across our projects. Our Summit 2026 objective is to set a Science-Based Target for carbon reduction by 2018.

    There is increasing pressure to reduce emissions generated on construction sites through polluting machinery. To reduce usage of on-site generators across our sites, Esh Group have partnered with EDF Energy to procure site electricity from mains-powered supply of renewable/low carbon energy.

    We understand that new technology can improve sustainability performance and a key element of Summit 2026 is the testing of new products and services. We invested over £3m in a fleet of 29 HGVs which are powered by environmentally friendly Euro 6 low emission engines, partnered with computer-controlled automatic gearboxes to gain optimum fuel efficiency.

    We have also invested in a Northumbrian Water Pipeline Solutions AMR System, which is a real-time gas, electricity and water monitoring system for our regional offices. Ongoing monitoring identifies where we need to reduce our consumption, encouraging continuous investment in improving sustainability performance.

  • Waste Management

    The construction industry has a significant environmental impact; producing nearly 60% of all UK waste from construction, demolition and excavation. In response to this, Esh Group’s Summit 2026 objective is to send zero non-hazardous materials to landfill by 2026.

    To aid our progression to a ‘circular economy’, we have opened a regional Waste Processing Facility to re-process inert materials from construction sites. This allows Esh Construction to maintain a security of supply for good-quality recycled aggregates, whilst also providing a reliable tipping location for inert material removed from our sites.

    In 2016, the Waste Processing Facility re-processed 75,389 tonnes of inert material, which was re-used on sites across our operational areas. This included recycled material used at the following sites:

    • 16,081 tonnes at Taylor Wimpey, Monkton Lane
    • 13,835 tonnes at Galliford Try, Birtley
    • 12,269 tonnes at Bellway Homes, Stockton


    We invest £500k annually in a collaborative partnership with O’Brien Waste Recycling. This partnership ensures thorough waste sorting processes designed to extract as many recyclables from commercial waste as possible, reducing the amount of waste diverted to landfill.

  • Environmental Protection

    Summit 2026 Objective:

    To maintain a rate of zero prosecutions/enforcement notices from the Environment Agency.

    To make sure our activities protect the environment we have:

    • Involved specialist ecologists on sensitive schemes.
    • Reported environmental near misses, to learn from our mistakes.
    • Invested in spill kit/spill response training for our staff.
    • Audited all construction sites at least once per month.


    Indicators of our performance environmental protection include:

    • Average scores from our HSEQ inspections.
    • Case studies from schemes with a positive environmental impact.
    • Zero prosecutions/enforcement notices from the Environment Agency.


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  • Supply Chain

    Summit 2026 Objective:

    To supply a minimum of 50% of aggregate materials from recycled sources. Although many of the environmental impacts in our supply chain are beyond our direct control, the Group aims to influence our partners to help us both reduce our impact on the environment.

    To help reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain we have:

    • Held regular supply chain meetings with top suppliers.
    • Brought the supply of recycled aggregate materials ‘in-house’ through our facility in County Durham.
    • Influenced our clients to use more sustainable materials.
    • Put in place processes to ensure we comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.


    Indicators of our performance on the supply chain include:

    • Calculation of our ‘Scope 3’ carbon footprint, and reduction of ‘hot spots’
    • Examples of the specification of alternative materials on schemes
    • Case studies detailing reduced transport emissions in the supply chain


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