What is the Esh Charitable Trust?

The Esh Charitable Trust (ECT) is Esh Group’s in house charity which Esh Group allocates a certain percentage of profits to each year. Having a charitable trust allows our community contributions to be allocated in an organised and manageable way.

Who is the Esh Charitable Trust Board?

The Trust is governed overall by an independent Board of up to twelve trustees which will sanction awards. These individuals have been chosen because of their belief in Esh, their own contribution to the region and their willingness to give freely of their expertise for such a worthwhile causes.

What is the closing date for applications?

27th January 2017

How much can be applied for?

Esh Charitable Trust (ECT) will accept applications for funding of up to £1,000. Any applications exceeding this will be capped at £1000.00.

How will applications be judged?

Applications will be judged initially by Esh Group’s Added Value Team, then by the Esh Charitable Trust Board. Projects which demonstrate ability to have a positive impact on their community will be shortlisted to receive funding.

How do you know if you have been successful?

All applicants will be notified of the outcome by email in February 2017 , with a view to release the first 50% of funding by the beginning of March 2017. If you have any queries relating to your application you may contact addedvalue@esh.uk.com

How will you receive your funding?

Funding will be issued in two equal amounts. The first payment will be made via cheque distributed by post. The second half of the funding will be issued in person by a member of Esh Group staff during an interim visit.

What is the purpose of the 'Interim Visit'?

A member of Esh Group staff will come to your project to meet with members of your organisation and/or the beneficiaries of the grant. They will take some photos, hear more about how the project and issue the funding. At Esh we look forward to visits like this; it’s a great chance for us to learn more about your organisation and allows us to improve our understanding of community issues in our operational areas.

What happens after the Interim Visit?

Once the interim visit has been completed, you should carry on with the clear aim of completing your project.